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The 2017 Regent Landslide, Freetown Peninsula, Sierra Leone
At 06:50 on Monday 14 August 2017, a hillslope on the Freetown Peninsula, Sierra Leone, collapsed, sending 300 000 m3 of debris into the flooded valley below. As this debris mixed with floodwater itExpand
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Landslide Risk Assessment for the Built Environment in Sub-Saharan Africa
This paper presents an overview of the findings from a series of country-scale landslide risk assessments conducted on behalf of the governments of five Sub-Saharan countries, the World Bank and theExpand
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A geomorphological and geotechnical investigation of the Roughlands Landslide Complex, Southwest Isle of Wight, UK
The Roughlands Landslide Complex, comprised of slumped blocks, minor scarps, debris slides and a wide graben, is one of the few contemporary landslides on the Isle of Wight to be without majorExpand
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Landslides on a Cretaceous Fluvial Sediment
This paper reviews the landslides developed in the coastal outcrop of the Wessex Formation, Isle of Wight, UK. The Wessex Formation (Lower Cretaceous) is the product of fluvial deposition on a distalExpand
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Ancient fluvial sediments: their widespread occurrence and problems for site investigation
By contrast to studies in petroleum geology and, despite their world-wide occurrence, geotechnical studies of ancient fluvial sediments are rare. This paper introduces the main characteristics ofExpand