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Environmental Impacts of Heavy Metal Discharges from a Smelter in Deûle-canal Sediments (Northern France): Concentration Levels and Chemical Fractionation
Heavy metal pollution in sediments derived from the Deûle canal and sampled at different sites not far from a smelting plant has been examined in the present work in order to identify the sources ofExpand
On metal diagenesis in contaminated sediments of the Deûle river (northern France)
Abstract The objective of the present work was to assess depth-related variations in the (bio)geochemical processes involved in anoxic sediments from the Deule river, and to examine particularlyExpand
Depth Variability and some Geochemical Characteristics of Fe, Mn, Ca, Mg, Sr, S, P, Cd and Zn in Anoxic Sediments from Authie Bay (Northern France)
A study of an anoxic sediment core from Authie Bay in northern France has been undertaken; porewaters and sedimentary solid phases have been analysed by several techniques (inductively coupled plasmaExpand
Organism motility in an oxygenated shallow-marine environment 2.1 billion years ago
Combined microscopic, microtomographic, geochemical, and sedimentologic analyses provide evidence for biogenicity, and syngenicity and suggest that the structures underwent fossilization during early diagenesis close to the sediment–water interface. Expand
Carbonate Grain-Size Distribution in Hemipelagic Sediments from a Laser Particle Sizer
Laser grain-sizer instruments provide the opportunity to study the grain size distribution of sediments across a wide size range in a short time. Automatic measurements can therefore be made, on aExpand
Physicochemical, crystalline and morphological characteristics of bricks used for ground waters purification in Bangui region (Central African Republic)
Abstract The development and improvement of natural water and wastewater purification technologies utilizing low-cost raw materials like bricks are necessary to make possible easy application in poorExpand
Elaboration of EVA–nanoclay systems—characterization, thermal behaviour and fire performance
In this study, the effect of several parameters (nature of clay and clay loading) on the fire retardancy of the nanocomposite is investigated. It is observed that the nature of the cations, whichExpand
Limited glaciation and very early deglaciation in central Iceland: Implications for climate change
Abstract The sedimentary record of the Halslon dam, 20 km north of the Vatnajokull, allows a better understanding of the glaciation–deglaciation interface for MIS 6/5e and MIS2/1 in Northern Iceland.Expand
How does micropetrography help us to understand the permeability and poromechanical behaviour of a rock
Many poromechanical studies of rocks give little regard to the micropetrographic observation of their constituents. The aim of this study is to show how such a detailed study can help understand andExpand
Evolution of clay mineral assemblages and organic matter in the late glacial-Holocene sedimentary infill of Lake Annecy, (northwestern Alps): paleoenvironmental implications
The basin fill of Lake Annecy was investigated from a 44 m core which reached down to glacial sediments of the last glaciation (called Würm in the alpine areas). We analyzed three main parameters:Expand