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Vital Memory and Affect: Living with a difficult past
Vital Memory and Affect takes as its subject the autobiographical memories of ‘vulnerable’ groups, including survivors of child sexual abuse, adopted children and their families, forensic mentalExpand
Visual methods in psychology : using and interpreting images in qualitative research
P. Reavey, Back to Experience: Psychology and the Visual. Part 1: Static Media: The Use of Photography in Qualitative Research A. Radley, Image and Imagination. R. Gill, Bend it Like Beckham: TheExpand
Constructions of `Culture' in Accounts of South Asian Women Survivors of Sexual Violence
The aim of this article is to explore some of the ways in which British South Asian women survivors of sexual violence (in particular, those who are either British born or have lived in the UK forExpand
Psychology, Mental Health and Distress
Foreword 1. From Disorder to Experience 2. History 3. Culture 4. Biology 5. Diagnosis and Formulation 6. Causal Influences 7. Service Users and Survivors 8. Interventions 9. Sadness and Worry 10.Expand
The ward as emotional ecology: Adolescent experiences of managing mental health and distress in psychiatric inpatient settings
Abstract Previous research on young people's satisfaction of inpatient services has often relied on the responses of carers and relevant practitioners. It is difficult to ascertain to what extentExpand
'How can we help when she won't tell us what's wrong?' Professionals working with South Asian women who have experienced sexual abuse.
In this paper, we explore some of the issues facing professionals in the UK currently involved in providing services for South Asian women who have experienced sexual abuse. The study describes partExpand
Researching “experience”: Embodiment, methodology, process
In this paper, we explore some of the tensions involved in the process of engaging with embodiment research. Although a significant volume of discursive work on “the body” and its role in socialExpand
Painting pictures of embodied experience: the use of nonverbal data production for the study of embodiment
This paper is based upon the work of an ongoing, collective research project that is concerned with embodiment. The co-researchers have used a variety of methods, including memory work and theExpand
Transformations of self and sexuality: Psychologically modified experiences in the context of forensic mental health
Forensic mental health inpatients in medium-secure settings have a limited capacity for sexual expression during their stay in hospital. This is due to a number of factors, including a lack ofExpand