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Cashew apple is considered as a waste in cashew nut processing industry. An undistilled alcoholic beverage (wine) was prepared by fermenting cashew apple juice with wine yeast, SaccharomycesExpand
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Group A streptococcal sore throat in a periurban population of northern India: a one-year prospective study.
OBJECTIVE To estimate the incidence and risk factors of group A streptococcus (GAS) sore throat among school-aged children living in a periurban slum area of Chandigarh, North India. METHODS AExpand
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Epidemiological profile of rotaviral infection in India: challenges for the 21st century.
BACKGROUND Rotaviruses cause acute viral gastroenteritis worldwide. It has been estimated that, each year, 440,000 deaths that occur among children are attributed to rotavirus infection, mainly inExpand
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Preparation of scaffolds from human hair proteins for tissue-engineering applications.
Human hair proteins were isolated and purified for the fabrication of tissue-engineering scaffolds. Their cellular compatibility was studied using NIH3T3 mice fibroblast cells. The proteins wereExpand
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Safety and immunogenicity of two live attenuated human rotavirus vaccine candidates, 116E and I321, in infants: results of a randomised controlled trial.
We evaluated safety and immunogenicity of two orally administered human rotavirus vaccine candidates 116E and I321. Ninety healthy infants aged 8 weeks received a single dose of 116E (10(5)FFuExpand
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Quantitative evaluation of rotaviral antigenemia in children with acute rotaviral diarrhea.
BACKGROUND Rotaviral antigen and RNA have recently been identified in the serum of patients with rotaviral gastroenteritis, but the roles they play in disease remains undetermined. METHODSExpand
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Inhibitory Effect of Breast Milk on Infectivity of Live Oral Rotavirus Vaccines
Background: Live oral rotavirus vaccines have been less immunogenic and efficacious among children in poor developing countries compared with middle income and industrialized countries for reasonsExpand
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Incidence of severe rotavirus diarrhea in New Delhi, India, and G and P types of the infecting rotavirus strains.
A total of 62,475 children <5 years old from a defined population of approximately 500,000 children and adults from slums in New Delhi, India, were assessed for 1 year by means of passiveExpand
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Development of candidate rotavirus vaccines derived from neonatal strains in India.
The need for a rotavirus vaccine in India is based on the enormous burden associated with the >100,000 deaths due to rotavirus diarrhea that occur annually among Indian children. Two rotavirusExpand
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Chikungunya Infection in India: Results of a Prospective Hospital Based Multi-Centric Study
Background Chikungunya (CHIKV) has recently seen a re-emergence in India with high morbidity. However, the epidemiology and disease burden remain largely undetermined. A prospective multi-centricExpand
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