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Newton and the ‘Pipes of Pan’
Newtonian scholars have long been aware of a set of draft Scholia to Propositions IV to IX of Book III of the Principia (2). These were composed in the 1690’s, as part of an unimplemented plan for a
The intellectual origins of the Royal Society
  • P. Rattansi
  • History
    Notes and Records of the Royal Society of London
  • 1 December 1968
A few decades ago historical studies of the background to the English scientific movement of the seventeenth century tended to involve discussions of the influence of utilitarian motives in drawing
A Note on Hayek’s Analysis of Scientism
This chapter discusses two points in connection with Hayek’s work on scientism. The first concerns his methodological and the second his historical analysis of that position. Both issues are related
Science and Society 1600-1900
1. The social interpretation of science in the seventeenth century P. M. Rattansi 2. Science, technology and Utopia in the seventeenth century A. Rupert Hall 3. Who unbound Prometheus? Science and
Facts and fables
Isaac Newton: Adventurer in Thought.By A. Rupert Hall. Blackwell: 1992. Pp. 468. £19.95, $29.95.
Hartlib and his Circle
Samuel Hartlib and the Advancement of LearningEdited by Charles Webster. (Cambridge Texts and Studies in the History of Education.) Pp. x + 220. (Cambridge University Press: London, February 1970.)
Lost Royal Society documents on ‘alkahest’ (universal solvent) rediscovered
Although historians have recently shown a great deal of interest in the early-modern search for the liquor alkahest or universal solvent, early Royal Society discussions of that legendary substance