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Isolation and biochemical characterization of a novel leguminous defense peptide with antifungal and antiproliferative potency
Leguminous plants have formed a popular subject of research owing to the abundance of proteins and peptides with important biological activities that they produce. The antifungal proteins andExpand
Insertion of TAT peptide and perturbation of negatively charged model phospholipid bilayer revealed by neutron diffraction.
TAT peptide is one of the best-characterized cell penetrating peptides derived from the transactivator of transcription protein from the human immunodeficiency virus 1. The aim of this study was toExpand
Isolation and identification of a whey protein-sourced calcium-binding tripeptide Tyr-Asp-Thr
Abstract A tripeptide peptide with strong calcium-binding capacity was isolated and purified from whey protein hydrolysates using diethylaminoethyl cellulose anion-exchange chromatography, SephadexExpand
The smooth muscle pharmacology of maximakinin, a receptor-selective, bradykinin-related nonadecapeptide from the venom of the Chinese toad, Bombina maxima
Structural homologues of vertebrate regulatory peptides found in defensive skin secretions of anuran amphibians often display enhanced bioactivity and receptor binding when compared with endogenousExpand
Boiling-induced nanoparticles and their constitutive proteins from Isatis indigotica Fort. root decoction: Purification and identification
Colloidal particles are essential components of sun-dried Isatis indigotica Fort. roots (Ban-Lan-Gen in Chinese, BLG) decoction. Nanoparticles (NPs) were isolated from BLG decoction with sizeExpand
[Isolation and purification of ribosome-inactivating proteins from bitter melon seeds by ion exchange chromatographic columns in series].
An anion exchange chromatographic column (DEAE-650C) and a cation exchange chromatographic column (CM-650C) were connected in series on a perfusion chromatography workstation. The crude extract ofExpand
High-performance ion exchange chromatography of intact bacterial cells in the manner of molecules: 1. Establishment of methodology.
The feasibility of separating intact bacterial cells by high-performance ion exchange chromatography typical for macromolecular study was investigated. A common HPLC system coupled with a lightExpand
A pectinase was identified and isolated from a commercial Aspergillus niger pectinase preparation. The crude enzyme preparation, which was prepared by precipitation of the water extract of theExpand
Isolation of a thermostable trypsin inhibitor with exploitable potential
A novel trypsin inhibitor with considerable thermal and pH stability, designated Glytine, was isolated from seeds of the Chinese black soybean Glycine max (L.) Merr. The purification procedureExpand
Preparation and evaluation of a sustained-release buckwheat noodle.
BACKGROUND Different carbohydrates elicit various effects on the digestibility and the glucose release rate, so it is of interest to develop a sustained-release noodle based on the combination ofExpand