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Cold active microbial lipases: some hot issues and recent developments.
Lipases are glycerol ester hydrolases that catalyze the hydrolysis of triglycerides to free fatty acids and glycerol. Lipases catalyze esterification, interesterification, acidolysis, alcoholysis andExpand
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Chromium (VI) biosorption and bioaccumulation by chromate resistant bacteria.
In this study, strains that are capable of bioaccumulating Cr(VI) were isolated from treated tannery effluent of a common effluent treatment plant. The Cr(VI) concentration in this treated effluentExpand
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Fresh water green microalga Scenedesmus abundans: A potential feedstock for high quality biodiesel production.
Present investigation studied the potential of fresh water green microalga Scenedesmus abundans as a feedstock for biodiesel production. To study the biomass and lipid yield, the culture was grown inExpand
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Production of laccase from newly isolated Pseudomonas putida and its application in bioremediation of synthetic dyes and industrial effluents
Abstract A novel laccase enzyme producing bacterium, Pseudomonas putida MTCC 7525, was isolated and subjected to optimization of laccase production. Maximum production (94.10 U/ml) was achieved at 30Expand
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Recent developments in production and biotechnological applications of cold-active microbial proteases
Microbial proteases that occupy a pivotal position with respect to their commercial applications are most important hydrolytic enzymes and have been studied extensively since the advent ofExpand
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Chromate tolerant bacteria isolated from tannery effluent.
The occurrence of metal tolerant and antibiotic resistant organisms was investigated in tannery effluent. Seventy-seven isolates comprising heterotrophs (41) and coliforms (36) which were tolerant toExpand
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Studies on air pollution tolerance of selected plants in Allahabad city, India
Screening of plants for their sensitivity/tolerance level to air pollutants is important because the sensitive plants can serve as bio-indicator and the tolerant plants as sink for controlling airExpand
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Turmeric : the Golden Spice of Life
Turmeric is an ancient spice derived from the rhizomes of Curcuma longa, which is a member of the ginger family (Zingiberaceae). Also known as ‘Golden Spice of India’ turmeric has been used in IndiaExpand
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Biosorption and elution of chromium from immobilized Bacillus coagulans biomass.
Bacillus coagulans, a tannery wastewater isolate, previously shown to bind dissolved Cr(VI), retained its ability to biosorb Cr(VI) in different matrices. Polymeric materials like agar, agarose,Expand
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Nitrile‐converting enzymes: An eco‐friendly tool for industrial biocatalysis
Nitriles are organic compounds bearing a CN group; they are frequently known to occur naturally in both fauna and flora and are also synthesized chemically. They have wide applicability in theExpand
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