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Analysis of Liver Disorder Using Data mining Algorithm
The data classification is based on liver disorder the training data set is developed by collecting data from UCI repository consists of 345 instances with 7 different attributes and WEAK tool is used to classify the data and the data is evaluated using 10-fold cross validation and the results are compared.
Human Liver Cancer Classification using Microarray Gene Expression Data
Experimental results shows that the proposed technique has the ability to classify the cancer cells significantly when compared to the conventional methods of cancer classification.
Probiotics and its Effects on Human Health-A Review
The intestinal track of humans is host to a vast ecology of microbes and harbors more than 500 identified species that can be cultured and many bacteria that cannot be cultured but have the potential to contribute to the development of diseases also by a variety of mechanisms.
Ameliorative Effect of Calocybe indica, a Tropical Indian Edible Mushroom on Hyperglycemia Induced Oxidative Stress
From the results, increased oxidative stress and decreased antioxidants might be related to the causation of diabetes mellitus and the treatment in the diabetic rats with the Calocybe indica showed an increase in the antioxidant system and decrease in the production of free radicals.
The effect of Oxalis corniculata extract against the behavioral changes induced by 1-methyl-4-phenyl-1 , 2 , 3 , 6-tetrahydropyridine ( MPTP ) in mice
Article history: Received on: 31/10/2016 Accepted on: 11/12/2016 Available online: 30/03/2017 Parkinson’s disease (PD) is a neurodegenerative disorder characterized by the development of rigidity,
Analysis of Liver Anomalies in CT Image Using Feature Extraction Method GLRLM and PHOG Algorithm
The proposed system is focused on detection of anomalies present in the liver by segmentation using binary tree quantization and extracting features such as Pyramid Histogram of Oriented Gradients and Gray level Run Length Matrix from the segmented region.
Intelligent health risk prediction systems using machine learning: a review
This research review paper serves as a guideline for researchers who are new to machine learning area and want to contribute to it, provide state-of-the-art survey of machine learning, and provides further research directions required into health prediction system using machine learning.
Multi-fingerprint Unimodel-based Biometric Authentication Supporting Cloud Computing
The proposed system presented a new model of a security system, where the users were asked to provide multiple [two] biometric fingerprints during the registration for a service and these templates are stored at the cloud providers’ end.
Can chocolate be addictive
Addiction term is often associated with alcohol, drugs, but currently there is also a new type of addiction that is widely debated called the food addiction. There are different types of food in the