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Radiation exposure from CT scans in childhood and subsequent risk of leukaemia and brain tumours: a retrospective cohort study
Summary Background Although CT scans are very useful clinically, potential cancer risks exist from associated ionising radiation, in particular for children who are more radiosensitive than adults.Expand
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DNA repair gene polymorphisms and risk of adult meningioma, glioma, and acoustic neuroma.
Although the etiology of primary brain tumors is largely unknown, prior studies suggest that DNA repair polymorphisms may influence risk of glioma. Altered DNA repair is also likely to affect theExpand
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Associations between Polymorphisms in DNA Repair Genes and Glioblastoma
A pooled analysis was conducted to examine the association between select variants in DNA repair genes and glioblastoma multiforme, the most common and deadliest form of adult brain tumors. GeneticExpand
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Genome-Wide Meta-Analysis Identifies Regions on 7p21 (AHR) and 15q24 (CYP1A2) As Determinants of Habitual Caffeine Consumption
We report the first genome-wide association study of habitual caffeine intake. We included 47,341 individuals of European descent based on five population-based studies within the United States. In aExpand
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Detectable clonal mosaicism and its relationship to aging and cancer
In an analysis of 31,717 cancer cases and 26,136 cancer-free controls from 13 genome-wide association studies, we observed large chromosomal abnormalities in a subset of clones in DNA obtained fromExpand
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The Childhood Cancer Survivor Study: a National Cancer Institute-supported resource for outcome and intervention research.
Survival for childhood cancer has increased dramatically over the last 40 years with 5-year survival rates now approaching 80%. For many diagnostic groups, rapid increases in survival began in theExpand
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A subset-based approach improves power and interpretation for the combined analysis of genetic association studies of heterogeneous traits.
Pooling genome-wide association studies (GWASs) increases power but also poses methodological challenges because studies are often heterogeneous. For example, combining GWASs of related but distinctExpand
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Polymorphisms in Apoptosis and Cell Cycle Control Genes and Risk of Brain Tumors in Adults
Despite the potential importance of the cell cycle and apoptosis pathways in brain tumor etiology, little has been published regarding brain tumor risk associated with common gene variants in theseExpand
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The mortality risk of smoking and obesity combined.
BACKGROUND Both smoking and obesity have been linked to increased mortality, but evaluating the joint effect has been limited. This nationwide, prospective mortality study of U.S. radiologicExpand
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Recommendations for screening and early detection of common cancers in India.
Cancers of the breast, uterine cervix, and lip or oral cavity are three of the most common malignancies in India. Together, they account for about 34% of more than 1 million individuals diagnosedExpand
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