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Chiral specificity in responses by the bark beetleDendroctonus valens to host kairomones
The attraction of the red turpentine beetle,Dendroctonus valens, to the resin volatiles of its host,Pinus ponderosa, is elicited by three chiral monoterpenes. In field assays response was greatest toExpand
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Tarsal chemoreception in the polyphagous grasshopper Schistocerca americana: behavioural assays, sensilla distributions and electrophysiology
ABSTRACT Behavioural and electrophysiological responses of Schistocerca americana (Drury) (Orthoptera: Acrididae) to chemical stimulation of the tarsi were investigated. Using restrained insects,Expand
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The electrophysiological responses of sensilla on the tibia of Schistocerca americana (Drury) to six compounds were examined. All the compounds were shown to cause feeding deterrence at highExpand
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Stereospecific antennal response by red turpentine beetle,Dendroctonus valens to chiral monoterpenes from ponderosa pine resin
The antennal response ofDendroctonus valens to host monoterpenes from the resin of ponderosa pine was studied using the electroantennogram (EAG) technique. Male and female beetles were given a singleExpand
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Associative learning and locust feeding: evidence for a ‘learned hunger’ for protein
Abstract Experiments are described that show, first, that locusts, Locusta migratoria (L.), are able to associate an odour paired with a diet and the protein content of that diet and, second, thatExpand
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A Phenomenological Self-Inquiry into Ecological Consciousness
Abstract While many of the issues associated with the global environmental crisis are facilitated and worsened by globalized economic, financial, and social systems, at a more fundamental level theyExpand
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Planning for public transport
The book is intended to provide a basic textbook on the subject of public transport planning with the British system taken as the context. The subject is discussed in the following chapters:- (1)Expand
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Saw-toothed grain beetleOryzaephilus surinamensis (L.) (Coleoptera: Silvanidae)
Over 200 beetle- and food-produced volatiles were collected from cultures of the saw-toothed grain beetleOryzaephilus surinamensis (L.) on oats. It proved possible to develop the electroantennogramExpand
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