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Glamour, value and the post-acquisition performance of acquiring firms 1 We would like to thank Euge
Extant literature on the post acquisition performance of bidders in mergers and tender offers is divided as to whether or not the bidders underperform in the long-term after the acquisition. InExpand
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Investment bank market share, contingent fee payments, and the performance of acquiring firms
This paper investigates the determinants of the market share of investment banks acting as advisors in mergers and tender offers. In both mergers and tender offers, bank market share is positivelyExpand
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Regulation, Taxes, and Share Repurchases in the United Kingdom
We examine share repurchase activity in the United Kingdom over a period when the tax and regulatory environment changed drastically. We find that the form and intensity of repurchase activity in theExpand
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A Rose.com by Any Other Name
We document a striking positive stock price reaction to the announcement of corporate name changes to Internet-related dotcom names. This "dotcom" effect produces cumulative abnormal returns on theExpand
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Tunneling, Propping, and Expropriation: Evidence from Connected Party Transactions in Hong Kong
We examine a sample of 328 filings of "connected transactions" between Hong Kong listed companies and their controlling shareholders during 1998-2000. We address three questions: What types ofExpand
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What Doesn't Kill You Will Only Make You More Risk-Loving: Early-Life Disasters and CEO Behavior
The literature on managerial style posits a linear relation between a CEO’s past experiences and firm risk. We show that there is a non-monotonic relation between the intensity of CEOs’ early-lifeExpand
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Changing Names with Style: Mutual Fund Name Changes and Their Effects on Fund Flows
We examine whether mutual funds change their names to take advantage of current hot investment styles, and what effects these name changes have on inflows to the funds, and to the funds’ subsequentExpand
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Buy High, Sell Low: How Listed Firms Price Asset Transfers in Related Party Transactions
We examine a sample of 254 related party and arms' length acquisitions and sales of assets in Hong Kong during 1998-2000. Our analysis shows that publicly listed firms enter deals with relatedExpand
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Good Stewards, Cheap Talkers, or Family Men? The Impact of Mutual Fund Closures on Fund Managers, Flows, Fees, and Performance
We examine a sample of 125 equity mutual funds that closed to new investment between 1993 and 2004. We find that funds close following a period of superior performance and abnormal fund inflows. FundExpand
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How Do Ex-Ante Severance Pay Contracts Fit into Optimal Executive Incentive Schemes?
We analyze a sample of over 3,600 ex ante explicit severance pay agreements in place at 808 firms and show that firms set ex ante explicit severance pay agreements as one component in managing theExpand
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