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Organic loading rate impact on biohydrogen production and microbial communities at anaerobic fluidized thermophilic bed reactors treating sugarcane stillage.
It was obtained, for H2 yield and content, a decreasing trend by increasing the OLR, and among the organic acids obtained, there was a predominance of lactic acid and butyric acid. Expand
Hydrogen production from cheese whey with ethanol-type fermentation: effect of hydraulic retention time on the microbial community composition.
The effects of different hydraulic retention times (HRTs) and varying sources of inoculum (sludge from swine and sludge from poultry) on the hydrogen production in two anaerobic fluidized bed reactors (AFBRs) were evaluated and indicated that the microbial community were affiliated with the genera Selenomonas sp. Expand
Hydrogen production from diluted and raw sugarcane vinasse under thermophilic anaerobic conditions
Abstract Two continuous anaerobic fluidized bed reactors (AFBRs) were operated under thermophilic (55 °C) temperature for 150 days to investigate the effect of dark H 2 fermentation of diluted andExpand
Continuous thermophilic hydrogen production and microbial community analysis from anaerobic digestion of diluted sugar cane stillage
Abstract The aim of this study was to promote biohydrogen production in an thermophilic anaerobic fluidized bed reactor (AFBR) at 55 °C using a mixture of sugar cane stillage and glucose atExpand
Different ratios of carbon sources in the fermentation of cheese whey and glucose as substrates for hydrogen and ethanol production in continuous reactors
Abstract The fermentation of glucose, cheese whey and the mixture of glucose and cheese whey were evaluated in this study from two inocula sources (sludge from a UASB reactor for swine wastewaterExpand
Role of homo-and heterofermentative lactic acid bacteria on hydrogen-producing reactors operated with cheese whey wastewater
Abstract The prevalence of lactic acid bacteria (LAB) and the effects of their antimicrobial peptides on H 2 production in anaerobic fluidized bed reactors (AFBRs) operated with cheese whey (AFBR1Expand
Characterization and antimicrobial activity of lactic acid bacteria from fermentative bioreactors during hydrogen production using cassava processing wastewater
Abstract Fermentative hydrogen production was evaluated using two anaerobic fluidized bed reactors (AFBRs). The reactors were fed cassava processing wastewater and operated with varying organicExpand
Review of Continuous Fermentative Hydrogen-Producing Bioreactors from Complex Wastewater
In recent years, the production of hydrogen through dark fermentation has become increasingly popular because it is a sustainable approach to produce clean energy. Thus, an evaluation of studiesExpand
The effects of seed sludge and hydraulic retention time on the production of hydrogen from a cassava processing wastewater and glucose mixture in an anaerobic fluidized bed reactor
Abstract The potential for co-fermentation of a cassava processing wastewater and glucose mixture was studied in anaerobic fluidized bed reactors. The effects of different hydraulic retention timesExpand
Diverse Profile of Fermentation Byproducts From Thin Stillage
The ability to adjust bioreactor operating conditions to select for microbial communities with different fermentation product profiles offers new strategies to explore and compare potentially valuable fermentation products from TS and allows industries the flexibility to adapt and switch chemical production based on market prices and demands. Expand