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Ecological aspects of the antimicrobial resistence in bacteria of importance to humn infections
The capacity for dilution in the ecosystem, and salinity appeared related with the occurrence of multi-resistant bacterial strains, and the intensity of recent fecal contamination was not shown to be associated with the numbers and types of markers found.
Aspects of the uptake of dissolved oxygen in Cabiúnas and Imboassica Lagoons (Macaé, RJ)
Qualitative and quantitative aspects of the cycling of detritus of aquatic macrophytes and carbohydrates in two coastal lagoons of the northeastern part of the State of Rio de Janeiro suggest that the mineralization process in Imboassica lagoon was more efficient; in Cabiunas lagoon the process of immobilization of the organic matter was dominant.
Greenhouse gas concentrations and diffusive flux at the sediment-water interface from two reservoirs in Brazil
Ernissions of the 2 major carbon greenhouse gases, methane (eH4) and carbon dioxide (e02), from the aquatic surfaces of reservoirs depends in part on their production in the bottom deposits. The
Changes in the allocation of some chemical compounds in structures of Oryza glumaepatula (Steud) in an Amazonian lake subjected to an anthropic impact (Lake Batata, Porto Trombetas)
Lake Batata is a typical clear water lake of the Amazon, located at the right margin of the Trombetas River, at the town of Porto Trombetas (PA). It is subjected to a large and predictable variation
Carbon budget in hydroelectric reservoirs of Furnas Centrais Elétricas, Brazil, S. A.
A five-year project has been executed to investigate the carbon cycle in eight hydroelectric reservoirs, ranging from 40-1784 km2, located in the central and southeast regions of Brazíl. The