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Movement Patterns of Field Rodents in Hawaii
The information presented in this report can be applied not only to rural plague control, but also to other public health problems involving rats, and to eradication of rats that damage sugar cane and other agricultural crops. Expand
A Specialized Midventral Sebaceous Glandular Area in Rattus Exulans
A midventral cutaneous glandular area is described for the first time in a Hawaiian population of Rattus exulans . Such a structure is not known to occur in other forms of the genus. It is an area ofExpand
Studies of Leptospirosis in Natural Host Populations I. Small Mammals of Waipio Valley, Island of Hawaii
The small Indian mongoose, Herpestes auropunctalus (Carnivora: Viverridae), and the roof rat, Rattus rattus, and the Polynesian rat, Rattus exulans (both Rodentia: Muridae), are abundant in WaipioExpand
A Herd of Mule Deer
Observations on the adrenal glands of the mongoose
Glands of adults of both sexes were characterized by presence of much connective tissue at the reticularismedulla border, and high adrenal weight/body weight ratio in fetuses was attributable to high degree of vascularization and to presence of many large vacuoles in the cytoplasm of fascicular cells. Expand