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Naturalization and invasion of alien plants: concepts and definitions
Abstract.  Much confusion exists in the English-language literature on plant invasions concerning the terms ‘naturalized’ and ‘invasive’ and their associated concepts. Several authors have used theseExpand
A proposed unified framework for biological invasions.
A unified framework for biological invasions that reconciles and integrates the key features of the most commonly used invasion frameworks into a single conceptual model that can be applied to all human-mediated invasions. Expand
Ecological impacts of invasive alien plants: a meta-analysis of their effects on species, communities and ecosystems.
Biological invasions cause ecological and economic impacts across the globe. However, it is unclear whether there are strong patterns in terms of their major effects, how the vulnerability ofExpand
Alien plants in checklists and floras: towards better communication between taxonomists and ecologists
The number of studies dealing with plant invasions is increasing rapidly, but the accumulating body of knowledge has unfortunately also spawned increasing confusion about terminology. Invasions are aExpand
Impacts of biological invasions: what's what and the way forward.
Study of the impacts of biological invasions, a pervasive component of global change, has generated remarkable understanding of the mechanisms and consequences of the spread of introducedExpand
Plant invasions: merging the concepts of species invasiveness and community invasibility
This paper considers key issues in plant invasion ecology, where findings published since 1990 have significantly improved our understanding of many aspects of invasions. The review focuses onExpand
Catalogue of alien plants of the Czech Republic.
A complete list of all alien taxa ever recorded in the flora of the Czech Republic is presented as an update of the original checklist published in 2002. New data accumulated in the last decade areExpand
Traits Associated with Invasiveness in Alien Plants: Where Do we Stand?
Any organism must be equipped for life in a given environment, otherwise it will die. The fundamental question is how well does an organism need to be “equipped”, or what syndrome of traits must itExpand
Riparian vegetation: Degradation, alien plant invasions, and restoration prospects
Rivers are conduits for materials and energy; this, the frequent and intense disturbances that these systems experience, and their narrow, linear nature, create problems for conservation ofExpand
Grasping at the routes of biological invasions: a framework for integrating pathways into policy
Summary 1. Pathways describe the processes that result in the introduction of alien species from one location to another. A framework is proposed to facilitate the comparative analysis of invasionExpand