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The simple plant location problem: Survey and synthesis
Abstract With emphasis on the simple plant location problem , (SPLP), we consider an important family of discrete, deterministic, single-criterion, NP-hard , and widely applicable optimizationExpand
From Control to Values-Based Management and Accountability
In recent years a series of developments in apparently loosely coupled domains have contributed to the development of new and vital perspectives on how to manage complex social systems such asExpand
Corporate Reputation: Image and Identity
It is fruitful to consider two complementary perspectives on the concept of corporate reputation and its relationship to success and credibility. The first of these can be said to be a managerial orExpand
Planning With Multiple Criteria: Investigation, Communication, Choice
The rational ideal conflicts and compromises multiple criteria planning and decision making a taxonomy of methods prior articulation of alternatives prior articulating of preferences progressive articulationof preferences choosing between planning modes planning with multiple decision makers and decision receivers. Expand
The Question of Organizational Consciousness: Can Organizations Have Values, Virtues and Visions?
It is common for organizational theorists as well as business practitioners to speak of an organization's visions, strategies, goals and responsibilities. This implies that collectivities haveExpand
Building corporate accountability : emerging practices in social and ethical accounting, auditing and reporting
Why count social performance how to do it accountable futures social dimensions of banking - Sbn Bank, Denmark, Peter Pruzan accounting for ethics - Traidcraft, UK, Richard Evans integrated ethicalExpand
Spiritual-based Leadership in Business
A new global leadership paradigm is gradually emerging, spiritual-based leadership. The article context-ualizes this development within a framework of scientific and economic rationality. In contrastExpand
Leading with Wisdom: Spiritual-based Leadership in Business
“There are two things I never thought I would see in my lifetime: one was the fall of the Russian empire; and the other was hearing the word 'God' spoken of in the Academy of Management”. AndreExpand