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Spread spectrum fiber-optic local area network using optical processing
Spread spectrum code division multiple access (CDMA) allows asynchronous multiple access to a local area network (LAN) with no waiting. The additional bandwidth required by spread spectrum can beExpand
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Performance comparison of asynchronous and synchronous code-division multiple-access techniques for fiber-optic local area networks
Synchronous code-division multiple access (S/CDMA) is investigated for fiber-optic local area networks. Expand
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Neuromorphic photonic networks using silicon photonic weight banks
We report first observations of a recurrent silicon photonic neural network, in which connections are configured by microring weight banks. Expand
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Optical Code Division Multiple Access : Fundamentals and Applications
OPTICAL CODE DIVISION MULTIPLE ACCESS: A HISTORICAL PERSPECTIVE Antonio J. Mendez and Burke J. Anderson Introduction Early History (Before 1980) 1980-1984 1985-1989 1990-1994 1995-1999 2000-2004Expand
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Exploring the design space of power-aware opto-electronic networked systems
In this paper, we first explore options for building high speed optoelectronic links and discuss the power characteristics of different link components. Expand
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Multiple-wavelength optical orthogonal codes under prime-sequence permutations for optical CDMA
A new family of two-dimensional (2-D) wavelength-hopping time-time codes, which employs wavelength hopping algebraically under prime-sequence permutations on top of time-spreading optical orthogonal codes, is studied and analyzed. Expand
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Optical Layer Security in Fiber-Optic Networks
The physical layer of an optical network is vulnerable to a variety of attacks, including jamming, physical infrastructure attacks, eavesdropping, and interception. Expand
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Photonic packet switches: architectures and experimental implementations
Photonic packet switches offer high speed, data rate and format transparency, and flexibility required by future computer communications and cell-based telecommunications networks. In this paper, weExpand
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Broadcast and Weight: An Integrated Network For Scalable Photonic Spike Processing
We propose an on-chip optical architecture to support massive parallel communication among high-performance spiking laser neurons. Expand
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A high performance photonic pulse processing device.
This paper presents an all optical fiber based implementation of a hybrid analog-digital computational primitive that provides a basis for complex processing on high bandwidth signals. Expand
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