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Synthesis and Characterization of
The chemistry of boron and its speciation in plants
The chemistry and usage of B, as well as its speciation in plants, are reviewed. In the context of biology, the chemistry of the surprisingly rare element B is dominated by B-oxygen compounds. TheExpand
Metal Amide Chemistry
Biographies. Preface. 1. Introduction. 1.1. Scope and Organisation of Subject Matter. 1.2. Developments and Perspectives. 2. Alkali Metal Amides. 2.1. Introduction. 2.2. Lithium Amides. 2.3. SodiumExpand
Use of NMR Spectroscopy in the Synthesis and Characterization of Air- and Water-Stable Silicon Nanoparticles from Porous Silicon
Air- and water-stable silicon nanocrystals were prepared by the bromine oxidation of porous silicon nanoparticles followed by reaction with n-butyllithium. Transmission electron microscopy suggestsExpand
Persistent and stable radicals of the heavier main group elements and related species.
  • P. Power
  • Chemistry, Medicine
  • Chemical reviews
  • 22 February 2003
Three-coordinate metal amides of manganese(II) and cobalt(II): synthesis and x-ray structure of the first tris(silylamide) of manganese and the x-ray crystal structures of [M2(N(SiMe3)2)4] (M = Mn,
Les trois complexes [Mn(N(SiMe 3 ) 2 ) 3 Li(THF)], [M 2 (N(SiMe 3 ) 2 ) 4 ] avec M=Mn et Co cristallisent dans le systeme monoclinique, groupe P2 1 /n pour le premier et C2/c pour les deux derniers.Expand
Slow magnetization dynamics in a series of two-coordinate iron(II) complexes
A series of two-coordinate complexes of iron(II) were prepared and studied for single-molecule magnet behavior. Five of the compounds, Fe[N(SiMe3)(Dipp)]2 (1), Fe[C(SiMe3)3]2 (2), Fe[N(H)Ar′]2 (3),Expand
Facile activation of dihydrogen by an unsaturated heavier main group compound.
These reactions represent the first direct addition of hydrogen to a closed shell unsaturated main group compound under ambient conditions. Expand