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Synthesis and evaluation of cryptolepine analogues for their potential as new antimalarial agents.
The indoloquinoline alkaloid cryptolepine 1 has potent in vitro antiplasmodial activity, but it is also a DNA intercalator with cytotoxic properties. We have shown that the antiplasmodial mechanismExpand
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Reversible ionic liquids designed for facile separations
Reversible ionic liquids can increase the application of traditional ionic liquids, such as those based on imidazolium cations, and generate new technologies along the way. While traditional ionicExpand
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Asymmetric hydrogenation and catalyst recycling using ionic liquid and supercritical carbon dioxide.
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Switchable Solvents Consisting of Amidine/Alcohol or Guanidine/Alcohol Mixtures
Liquids that consist of a mixture of an alcohol and either an amidine or a guanidine have been developed to switch from a low-polarity form to a high-polarity ionic liquid upon treatment with CO2 atExpand
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One-component, switchable ionic liquids derived from siloxylated amines.
A new class of one-component, thermally reversible, neutral to ionic liquid solvents derived from siloxylated amines is presented and characterized.
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Production of Tartrates by Cyanide-Mediated Dimerization of Glyoxylate: A Potential Abiotic Pathway to the Citric Acid Cycle
An abiotic formation of meso- and dl-tartrates in 80% yield via the cyanide-catalyzed dimerization of glyoxylate under alkaline conditions is demonstrated. A detailed mechanism for this conversion isExpand
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Solvents for sustainable chemical processes
The properties and some key applications of solvents such as (1) supercritical fluids (SCFs), (2) gas-expanded liquids (GXLs) and organic-aqueous tunable solvents (OATS), (3) water at elevatedExpand
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Single component, reversible ionic liquids for energy applications
Single component, reversible ionic liquids have excellent potential as novel solvents for a variety of energy applications. Our energy industry is faced with many new challenges including increasedExpand
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Organic aqueous tunable solvents (OATS): a vehicle for coupling reactions and separations.
In laboratory-based chemical synthesis, the choice of the solvent and the means of product purification are rarely determined by cost or environmental impact considerations. When a reaction is scaledExpand
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Hydroformylation Catalyst Recycle with Gas-Expanded Liquids
Tunable solvents such as gas-expanded liquids offer unique opportunities as benign and economic reaction media. We have improved the turnover frequency of a water-soluble catalyst system by a factorExpand
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