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Switchable Solvents Consisting of Amidine/Alcohol or Guanidine/Alcohol Mixtures
Liquids that consist of a mixture of an alcohol and either an amidine or a guanidine have been developed to switch from a low-polarity form to a high-polarity ionic liquid upon treatment with CO2 at
Solvents for sustainable chemical processes
The properties and some key applications of solvents such as (1) supercritical fluids (SCFs), (2) gas-expanded liquids (GXLs) and organic-aqueous tunable solvents (OATS), (3) water at elevated
One-component, switchable ionic liquids derived from siloxylated amines.
A new class of one-component, thermally reversible, neutral to ionic liquid solvents derived from siloxylated amines is presented and characterized.
Organic aqueous tunable solvents (OATS): a vehicle for coupling reactions and separations.
The organic aqueous tunable solvent (OATS) system is described, describing the use of OATS for optimizing the reaction, separation, design, and recycling of Rh-catalyzed hydroformylation of olefins such as 1-octene and 2-phenylacetate and related innovations that have recently been reported.
Hydroformylation Catalyst Recycle with Gas-Expanded Liquids
Tunable solvents such as gas-expanded liquids offer unique opportunities as benign and economic reaction media. We have improved the turnover frequency of a water-soluble catalyst system by a factor
Indoles via Knoevenagel–Hemetsberger reaction sequence
A series of substituted indoles have been synthesized by the sequential reaction of aromatic aldehydes with ethyl azidoacetate in the presence of sodium ethoxide to form the corresponding ethyl
A blueprint for academic laboratories to produce SARS-CoV-2 quantitative RT-PCR test kits
It is shown that academic biochemistry and molecular biology laboratories equipped with appropriate expertise and infrastructure can replicate commercially available SARS-CoV-2 RT-qPCR test kits and backfill pipeline shortages and develop an environmental testing protocol to readily monitor surfaces for the presence of SARS/COVID-19.