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Pain Hypersensitivity in Patients with Functional Gastrointestinal Disorders: A Gastrointestinal-Specific Defect or a General Systemic Condition?
Visceral hypersensitivity was shown in patients with functional gastrointestinal disorders (FGID). The mechanisms underlying this sensory dysfunction remain undetermined. The initial hypothesis of aExpand
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In vitro viability of cryopreserved equine embryos following different freezing protocols.
The main objective of this study was to evaluate two freezing protocols and the effect of agar embedding on survival of day 6.5 equine embryos. A total of 133 embryos were used, in one group (n =Expand
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Neural and muscular receptors for motilin in the rabbit colon
Motilin receptors were classically recognized in the gastroduodenal area, where they help to regulate interdigestive motility. More recently, motilin receptors were identified in the colon whereExpand
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Evaluation of Gastric Emptying Function in Clinical Practice
In this retrospective analysis, we compareddifferent methods to evaluate gastric emptying function,aiming to improve the sensitivity and the clinicalavailability of our diagnostic testing. In theExpand
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Mechanisms for postprandial release of motilin in humans
Plasma concentrations of motilin rise in the first 30 min following the ingestion of a meal in man. To elucidate the mechanisms of this postprandial motilin release, we verified the effect ofExpand
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Motilin is a digestive hormone in the dog.
Abstract In the fasting dog, plasma motilin levels fluctuate with the various phases of the interdigestive migrating complex. In this study, we present data supporting the hormonal status of motilinExpand
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Studies on the structure-activity of motilin in vivo. Effect of motilin synthetic analogues in conscious dog
Synthetic analogues of motilin were tested for their capacity to stimulate the intestinal motor activity of the conscious dog. Physiological doses (75 pmol/kg) of motilin 1-22 and of motilinExpand
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Digestive motor effects and vascular actions of CGRP in dog are expressed by different receptor subtypes
Calcitonin gene-related peptide (CGRP) is a 37 AA peptide localized in blood vessels and nerves of the GI tract. Activation of CGRP receptors (subtypes 1 or 2) usually induces vasodilation and/orExpand
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Rôle de la mastication dans la digestion
La mastication des aliments constitue-t-elle une etape importante de la digestion alimentaire ? Les troubles masticatoires peuvent-ils engendrer des symptomes digestifs ? La sagesse populaire sembleExpand
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