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Characterizing dynamics with covariant Lyapunov vectors.
A general method to determine covariant Lyapunov vectors in both discrete- and continuous-time dynamical systems is introduced. This allows us to address fundamental questions such as the degree ofExpand
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Modelling of a double-glass photovoltaic module using finite differences
A simulation model of finite differences describing a double-glass multi-crystalline photovoltaic module has been developed and validated using experimental data from such a photovoltaic module. ThisExpand
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Calculation of the polycrystalline PV module temperature using a simple method of energy balance
The performance of a photovoltaic module is studied versus environmental variables such as solar irradiance, ambient temperature and wind speed. Two types of simplified models are studied in thisExpand
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Assessment of world lithium resources and consequences of their geographic distribution on the expected development of the electric vehicle industry
Electric vehicles (EVs) are on the verge of breaking through, most presumably flooding the automotive market with lithium-ion batteries as energy storage systems. This paper investigates theExpand
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Correlations for direct normal and global horizontal irradiation on a French Mediterranean site
Abstract The purpose of this study is to establish some correlations on direct normal and global horizontal irradiation for a mediterranean site. The correlations have been developed for monthly meanExpand
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Performance evaluation of various hourly slope irradiation models using Mediterranean experimental data of Ajaccio
Hourly global irradiations on tilted planes are required in various engineering calculations for solar systems. In many sites, at best, only global irradiations on horizontal planes are available.Expand
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Stochastic study of hourly total solar radiation in Corsica using a Markov model
The aim of this paper was to study total solar radiation using a Markov chain, with a view to setting up a solar data generator. This meteorological parameter was transformed into another, called theExpand
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Decentralized wind energy systems providing small electrical loads in remote areas
Using a global systemic approach, the wind energy system operation behaviour is first simulated using five different types of power curve for the wind turbine. Adding physical (charge currentExpand
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Forecasting and simulating wind speed in Corsica by using an autoregressive model
Alternative approaches for generating wind speed time series are discussed. The method utilized involves the use of an autoregressive process model. The model has been applied to three MediterraneanExpand
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A benchmarking of machine learning techniques for solar radiation forecasting in an insular context
In this paper, we propose a benchmarking of supervised machine learning techniques (neural networks, Gaussian processes and support vector machines) in order to forecast the Global Horizontal solarExpand
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