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Determination of aphid transmission efficiencies for N, NTN and Wilga strains of Potato virus Y
The determination of aphids' relative transmission efficiency factors (REFs) for isolates of the PVY strains PVYN, PVYNTN and PVYN-Wi is reported on and it is observed that they are overall comparable, except for A. frangulae, which shows a lower REF for PVyn-Wi compared with the transmission efficiency of PVYN. Expand
Natural Terpenoids as Messengers: A multidisciplinary study of their production, biological functions and practical applications
This book discusses the origin and evolution of terpenoid messengers, functions of natural terpenoids in the interrelationships between organisms, and their role in human health. Expand
Perception of volatiles associated with sex and food by different adult forms of the black bean aphid, Aphis fabae
Electroantennograms from adult male and asexual forms of the black bean aphid, Aphis fabae, show male antennae are as responsive as the asexual female antennae to the plant volatiles and the specialization of the male for mate location is discussed. Expand
Electrically recorded probing behaviour of thrips species on optimal and suboptimal hosts
Comparison of optimal and suboptimal plants could be facilitated if it were possible to elucidate how stylet penetration and feeding behaviour are arranged in time and how these activities are affected by host-plant factors. Expand
New aphid vectors of potato virus YN
  • P. Piron
  • Biology
  • Netherlands Journal of Plant Pathology
  • 1 September 1986
During three successive years, winged aphids were caught alive in a potato field with a conical net and with transportable suction traps, finding seventy-eight species or species groups were found unable to transmit PVYN, whereas twenty-three species did transmit. Expand
Transmission of potato spindle tuber viroid by aphids
It is concluded that M. euphorbiae can transmit PSTV in a non-persistent way and kan gemakkelijk mechanisch worden overgebracht. Expand
Peripheral odour perception by adult aphid forms with the same genotype but different host-plant preferences
The results indicate that any odour discrimination between the two alternative host plants by their respective colonisers is not perceived at the level of the peripheral olfactory receptors. Expand
Detection of potato virus X in tubers with the enzymelinked immunosorbent assay (ELISA)
Tubers of field-grown plants of ten Dutch potato cultivars, secondarily infected with potato virus X (PVX) or free from this virus were submitted to ELISA after storage at 4°C and extinction values with the apical parts of the tubers were slightly higher than those with the basal parts. Expand