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Autobiographical memory and autonoetic consciousness: triple dissociation in neurodegenerative diseases.
Few studies have investigated autobiographical amnesia in neurodegenerative diseases and yet these pathologies are particularly relevant when addressing the issue of theories of long-term memoryExpand
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Autobiographical memory, autonoetic consciousness, and self-perspective in aging.
In this study, the authors examined the effects of aging on autobiographical memory in 180 participants by means of a new method designed to assess across 5 lifetime periods the nature ofExpand
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Neural substrates of the self‐memory system: New insights from a meta‐analysis
The self has been the topic of philosophical inquiry for centuries. Neuropsychological data suggest that the declarative self can be fractionated into three functionally independent systemsExpand
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Episodic and semantic remote autobiographical memory in ageing
Many laboratory studies have demonstrated an age effect on episodic memory which is in contrast with the preservation of semantic memory. The aim of this study was the assessment of age effects onExpand
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Reduced specificity of autobiographical memory and aging: Do the executive and feature binding functions of working memory have a role?
Autobiographical memory (AM) is built up from various kinds of knowledge, from general to specific, via generative processes. Aging seems to particularly affect the episodic autobiographicalExpand
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Age effects on different components of theory of mind
The effects of aging on the cognitive and affective dimensions of theory of mind (ToM), and on the latter's links with other cognitive processes, such as information processing speed, executiveExpand
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Conscious recollection in autobiographical memory: An investigation in schizophrenia
Whether or not conscious recollection in autobiographical memory is affected in schizophrenia is unknown. The aim of this study was to address this issue using an experiential approach. AnExpand
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Episodic autobiographical memories over the course of time: Cognitive, neuropsychological and neuroimaging findings
The critical attributes of episodic memory are self, autonoetic consciousness and subjectively sensed time. The aim of this paper is to present a theoretical overview of our already publishedExpand
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Episodic autobiographical memory in depression: Specificity, autonoetic consciousness, and self-perspective
Autobiographical memory (AM) and the self are closely linked. AM retrieval in depression is characterized by a lack of specificity, suggesting an impairment of episodic AM. Autonoetic consciousnessExpand
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Anatomical and functional alterations in semantic dementia: A voxel-based MRI and PET study
Rare studies have used magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) and voxel-based morphometry (VBM) to assess atrophy, and only two positron emission tomography (PET) studies used SPM to examine functionalExpand
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