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The role of goal orientation in self-regulated learning.
Publisher Summary Current research on goal orientation and self-regulated learning suggests a general framework for examining learning and motivation in academic contexts. Moreover, there are someExpand
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A Manual for the Use of the Motivated Strategies for Learning Questionnaire (MSLQ).
AUTHOR Pintrich, Paul R.; And Others TITLE A Manual for the Use of the Motivated Strategies for Learning Questionnaire (MSLQ). INSTITUTION National Center for Research to Improve PostsecondaryExpand
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The Development of Epistemological Theories: Beliefs About Knowledge and Knowing and Their Relation to Learning
There have been a number of research programs that have investigated students’ thinking and beliefs about the nature of knowledge and knowing, including definitions of knowledge, how knowledge isExpand
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Multiple Goals, Multiple Pathways: The Role of Goal Orientation in Learning and Achievement.
Mastery goals have been linked to adaptive outcomes in normative goal theory and research; performance goals, to less adaptive outcomes. In contrast, approach performance goals may be adaptive forExpand
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A Conceptual Framework for Assessing Motivation and Self-Regulated Learning in College Students
A conceptual framework for assessing student motivation and self-regulated learning in the college classroom is presented. The framework is based on a self-regulatory (SRL) perspective on studentExpand
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Reliability and Predictive Validity of the Motivated Strategies for Learning Questionnaire (Mslq)
This paper reports on a new self-report, Likert-scaled instrument that was designed to assess motivation and use of learning strategies by college students. The motivation scales tap into three broadExpand
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A Motivational Science Perspective on the Role of Student Motivation in Learning and Teaching Contexts.
A motivational science perspective on student motivation in learning and teaching contexts is developed that highlights 3 general themes for motivational research. The 3 themes include the importanceExpand
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Motivational and self-regulated learning components of classroom academic performance.
A correlational study examined relationships between motivational orientation, self-regulated learning, and classroom academic performance for 173 seventh graders from eight science and seven EnglishExpand
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The role of motivation in promoting and sustaining self-regulated learning
Abstract A general framework is presented to help understand the relationship between motivation and self-regulated learning. According to the framework, self-regulated learning can be facilitated byExpand
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The Role of Metacognitive Knowledge in Learning, Teaching, and Assessing
A s KRATHWOHL (THIS ISSUE) STATES, the reA vised Taxonomy contains four general knowledge categories: Factual, Conceptual, Procedural, and Metacognitive. While the first three categories wereExpand
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