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Pilgrimage, Commodities, and Religious Objectification: The Making of Transnational Shiism between Iran and Syria
��� ny visitor to the pilgrimage sites of Lourdes in France, Mashhad in Iran, or Varanasi in India is surely impressed by the crowd of pilgrims coming from various places in order to express theirExpand
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Ethnographies of Islam : ritual performances and everyday practices
This comparative approach to the various uses of the ethnographic method in research about Islam in anthropology and other social sciences is particularly relevant in the current climate. PoliticalExpand
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Mystical bodies/unruly bodies: Experience, empowerment and subjectification in Syrian Sufism
Religious experience can be a tool for the constitution of social subjects, the construction of symbolic meanings and values, as well as for shaping the subjectivity and corporality of the faithful.Expand
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Sufism, moral performance and the Public Sphere in Syria
This article aims to analyze Sufism as a religious framework for social action in contemporary Syria. Sufism in Syria has been on the rise during the last two decades, in response to a growing demandExpand
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Knowledge and Miracles: Modes of Charisma in Syrian Sufism
Charisma is an important feature of religious authority in Syrian Islam, since Sunni religiosity is mostly lived as a collective phenomenon in small communities organized around a charismaticExpand
Sufism among the Kurds in Syria
Sufism has a pervasive presence in the religious and cultural life of the Kurds in Syria. The vast majority of them are Sunni Muslims and their Islamic practices and beliefs are marked by a strongExpand
‘Oh Syria, God Protects You’: Islam as Cultural Idiom under Bashar al-Asad
salafi-influenced codification of Islam in order to present an image of Islam in Syria that could be palatable to visitors from other Muslim countries in the Organization. In Damascus, bothExpand
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