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City of Suspects: Crime in Mexico City, 1900–1931
In City of Suspects Pablo Piccato explores the multiple dimensions of crime in early-twentieth-century Mexico City. Basing his research on previously untapped judicial sources, prisoners’ letters,Expand
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"El Paso de Venus por el disco del sol": Criminality and Alcoholism in the Late Porfiriato
Las ideas sobre criminalidad y alcoholismo fueron una parte importante de las ideas sociales de las elites porfirianas. Alrededor de ellas se construyeron categorias que servian para distinguir yExpand
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Public sphere in Latin America: a map of the historiography
Abstract “Public sphre” is often used by historians of modern Latin America without much concern about its theoretical and methodological implications. Some historians have used it as a model to fitExpand
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Politics and the Technology of Honor: Dueling in Turn-of-the-Century Mexico
Since the last decades of the nineteenth century, dueling beame increasingly frequent among Mexican elite men. The duel was associated with modern science and the cosmopolitan culture of the nationalExpand
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Tales of two women: the narrative construal of Porfirian reality.
It was the perfect murder, really. Illicit passions: two beautiful women-of-the-night feuding over a dashing young rake, a masked ball, casual taunts, thwarted assaults, escalating threats. HeinousExpand
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The Tyranny of Opinion: Honor in the Construction of the Mexican Public Sphere
In the mid-to-late nineteenth century, as Mexico emerged out of decades of civil war and foreign invasion, a modern notion of honor—of one’s reputation and self-worth—became the keystone in theExpand
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Murders of Nota Roja: Truth and Justice in Mexican Crime News
EDUCATION 1997 Ph.D., History Department, University of Texas at Austin. Dissertation: “Criminals in Mexico City, 1900-1931: A Cultural History.” Director: Jonathan C. Brown. 1993 M.A., Institute ofExpand
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Integral Outsiders: The American Colony in Mexico City, 1876-1911 (review)
Without a doubt, Basch's disdain for the Republic of Mexico often extended to the people of Mexico themselves. Throughout the pages of Basch's original diary, one finds frequent examples of theExpand
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