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Steps Toward a UV/Optical Interferometer in Space: FIT & SIFFT
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Segmented mirror coarse phasing with a dispersed fringe sensor: experiments on NGST's Wavefront Control Testbed
A piston sensing and control algorithm for segmented mirror coarse phasing using a dispersed fringe sensor (DFS) has been developed for the Next Generation Space Telescope (NGST) wavefront sensingExpand
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High contrast vacuum nuller testbed (VNT) contrast, performance, and null control
Herein we report on our Visible Nulling Coronagraph high-contrast result of 109 contrast averaged over a focal plane region extending from 1 – 4 λ/D with the Vacuum Nuller Testbed (VNT) in aExpand
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Wavefront control for a segmented deployable space telescope
By segmenting and folding the primary mirror, quite large telescopes can be packed into the nose cone of a rocket. Deployed after launch, initial optical performance can be quite poor, due toExpand
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DCATT dispersed fringe sensor: modeling and experimenting with the transmissive phase plates
Control algorithms developed for coarse phasing the segmented mirrors of the Next Generation Space Telescope (NGST) are being tested in realistic modeling and on the NGST wavefront control testbed,Expand
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Visible Nulling Coronagraphy for Exo-Planetary Detection and Characterization
Visible Nulling Coronagraphy (VNC) is the proposed method of detecting and characterizing exo-solar Jovian planets (null depth $10^{-9}$ ) for the proposed NASA's Extrasolar Planetary ImagingExpand
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Optical design and performance of the NGST wavefront control testbed
The NGST Wavefront Control Testbed (WCT) is a joint technology program managed by the Goddard Space Flight Center (GSFC) and the Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) for the purpose of developingExpand
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Proton-induced radiation effects on optical glasses
Proton induced absorption over the 350 nm to 2500 nm spectral region and the growth of that absorption with increasing dosage was determined for four glasses (Schott glasses FK3, SF57, IRG7, andExpand
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High-contrast imager for complex aperture telescopes (HiCAT): 5. first results with segmented-aperture coronagraph and wavefront control
Segmented telescopes are a possible approach to enable large-aperture space telescopes for the direct imaging and spectroscopy of habitable worlds. Expand
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Fizeau interferometry testbed: wavefront control
Stellar Imager (SI) is a potential NASA space-based UV imaging interferometer to resolve the stellar disks of nearby stars. SI would consist of 20 - 30 separate spacecraft flying in formation at theExpand
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