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Gastrectomy causes bone loss in the rat: is lack of gastric acid responsible?
Total gastrectomy or resection of the acid-producing part of the stomach (fundectomy) in the rat induced a marked and rapid reduction in bone wet weight, ash weight, and density (expressed as ashExpand
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Gastrin releases a blood calcium-lowering peptide from the acid-producing part of the rat stomach.
Gastrin-17 induces hypocalcemia in the rat without stimulating calcitonin release. The gastrin-induced hypocalcemia persisted after thyroparathyroidectomy or parathyroidectomy. In contrast,Expand
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Helodermin-like peptides in thyroid C cells: stimulation of thyroid hormone secretion and suppression of calcium incorporation into bone.
Helodermin is a vasoactive intestinal peptide-like peptide in the salivary gland venom of the lizard Heloderma suspectum. Helodermin-like immunofluorescence was observed in the parafollicular (C)Expand
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The effect of high or low dietary calcium on bone and calcium homeostasis in young male rats
SummaryYoung male rats (100 g body weight) were fed diets containing varying amounts of calcium. Body weight and bone development were studied together with various endocrine parameters, includingExpand
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Importance of the stomach in maintaining calcium homoeostasis in the rat.
The stomach helps to maintain calcium homoeostasis by making dietary calcium accessible for uptake in the intestines, although the effect of the stomach on calcium homoeostasis is poorly understood.Expand
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Chicken Parathyroid Hormone Gene Expression in Response to Gastrin, Omeprazole, Ergocalciferol, and Restricted Food Intake
Abstract. Treatment with omeprazole, a long-acting proton pump inhibitor of acid secretion, induces hypergastrinemia. In chickens, omeprazole induces growth not only of the acid-producing mucosaExpand
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Helodermin, helospectin, and PACAP stimulate cyclic AMP formation in intact bone, isolated osteoblasts, and osteoblastic cell lines
Helodermin and helospectin are peptides structurally similar to vasoactive intestinal polypeptide (VIP) which were recently isolated from the salivary gland venom of the lizard Heloderma suspectum.Expand
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Evidence that gastrin enhances 45Ca uptake into bone through release of a gastric hormone
An acute challenge with gastrin-17 enhanced the uptake of 45Ca into sternum and several long bones in rats by about 10-30%; gastrectomy prevented this effect. Long-term treatment withExpand
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Helodermin-like peptides in noradrenaline cells of adrenal medulla
Helodermin, a VIP/secretin-like peptide, was first isolated from the venom of the lizard Gila monster. Small amounts of helodermin-like peptides have since been detected in many mammalian tissues.Expand
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Elevated serum gastrin after food intake or acid blockade evokes hypocalcemia
Gastrin lowers blood Ca2+ in the rat. Recently, it was suggested that gastrin causes hypocalcemia by releasing gastrocalcin, a hypothetical peptide hormone thought to reside in the acid-producingExpand
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