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Theoretical framework for quantum networks
We present a framework to treat quantum networks and all possible transformations thereof, including as special cases all possible manipulations of quantum states, measurements, and channels, suchExpand
Probabilistic theories with purification
We investigate general probabilistic theories in which every mixed state has a purification, unique up to reversible channels on the purifying system. We show that the purification principle isExpand
Informational derivation of quantum theory
We derive quantum theory from purely informational principles. Five elementary axioms - causality, perfect distinguishability, ideal compression, local distinguishability, and pure conditioning -Expand
Quantum computations without definite causal structure
We show that quantum theory allows for transformations of black boxes that cannot be realized by inserting the input black boxes within a circuit in a pre-defined causal order. The simplest exampleExpand
Classical randomness in quantum measurements
Similarly to quantum states, also quantum measurements can be ‘mixed’, corresponding to a random choice within an ensemble of measuring apparatuses. Such mixing is equivalent to a sort of hiddenExpand
Quantum circuit architecture.
Unexplored quantum processing tasks, such as cloning and storing or retrieving of gates, can be optimized, along with setups for tomography and discrimination or estimation of quantum circuits. Expand
Transforming quantum operations: Quantum supermaps
We introduce the concept of quantum supermap, describing the most general transformation that maps an input quantum operation into an output quantum operation. Since quantum operations include asExpand
Derivation of the Dirac Equation from Principles of Information Processing
Without using the relativity principle, we show how the Dirac equation in three space dimensions emerges from the large-scale dynamics of the minimal nontrivial quantum cellular automaton satisfyingExpand
Clean positive operator valued measures
In quantum mechanics the statistics of the outcomes of a measuring apparatus is described by a positive operator valued measure (POVM). A quantum channel transforms POVMs into POVMs, generallyExpand
Teleportation transfers only speakable quantum information
We show that a quantum clock cannot be teleported without prior synchronization between sender and receiver: every protocol using a finite amount of entanglement and an arbitrary number of rounds ofExpand