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Involutions fixing (point)⌣Fn
LetMm be a closed smooth manifold with an involution having fixed set of the form (point)⌣Fn, 0<n<m. The main result of this paper is to establish the upper bound form, for eachn. In the special caseExpand
Coincidences for maps of spaces with finite group actions
Let G be a finite group acting freely in a Hausdorff, paracompact, connected and locally pathwise connected topological space X such that Hi(X,Z)=0 for 0<i<m and Hm+1(G,Z)≠0. Let f:X→Y be a map of XExpand
The Borsuk-Ulam theorem for general spaces
Abstract.Let X, Y be topological spaces and $T : X \rightarrow X$ a free involution. In this context, a question that naturally arises is whether or not all continuous maps $f : X \rightarrow Y$Expand
On Z_2 and S^1 free actions on spaces of cohomology type (a,b)
Let S1 be the group of unitary complex numbers endowed with the complex multiplication, and Z2 the cyclic group of order two. If X is a topological space, denote by Hi(X,G) its i-th cohomology groupExpand
Borsuk-Ulam theorems and their parametrized versions for spaces of type .a;b/
Following the second author, H K Singh and T Singh [11] and H K Singh [13], we define a space of type .a; b/ as follow. Let X be a simply connected finite CW complex with Z–cohomology groupsExpand
Two Commuting Involutions Fixing Fn ∪ Fn-1
AbstractConsider G=Z22 as the group generated by two commuting involutions, and let $$\Phi: G \times M \mapsto M$$ be a smooth G-action on a smooth and closed manifold M. Suppose that the fixed pointExpand
Dimensions of fixed point sets of involutions
Abstract.Suppose the fixed point set F of a smooth involution T:M → M on a smooth, closed and connected manifold M decomposes into two components Fn and F2 of dimensions n and 2, respectively, with nExpand
Z k 2-actions fixing RP 2 ∪ RP even
This paper determines, up to equivariant cobordism, all manifolds with Z 2 -action whose fixed point set is RP 2 ∪RP , where n > 2 is even. AMS Classification (2.000 Revision) Primary 57R85;Expand
Involutions fixing Fn∪F2
Abstract Let M m be a closed and smooth manifold with an involution having fixed point set of the form F n ∪ F 2 , where F n and F 2 are submanifolds with dimensions n and 2, respectively, and whereExpand