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Control and characterization of individual grains and grain boundaries in graphene grown by chemical vapour deposition.
The strong interest in graphene has motivated the scalable production of high-quality graphene and graphene devices. As the large-scale graphene films synthesized so far are typicallyExpand
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Precambrian mafic dyke swarms in the North China Craton and their geological implications
  • P. Peng
  • Geology
  • Science China Earth Sciences
  • 6 February 2015
A map of major Precambrian mafic dyke swarms and related units in the North China Craton is compiled, and the features and geological implications of these swarms are demonstrated. The Archean dykeExpand
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Combination of Unmix and PMF receptor model to apportion the potential sources and contributions of PAHs in wetland soils from Jiaozhou Bay, China.
16 PAHs in Jiaozhou Bay wetland soils were analyzed by GC/MS. The potential sources and contributions were apportioned by Unmix and PMF models. The total concentrations of PAHs ranged from 176.1 toExpand
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Reconstruction and interpretation of giant mafic dyke swarms: a case study of 1.78 Ga magmatism in the North China craton
Abstract Short-lived giant mafic dyke swarms are keys to the interpretation of continental evolution and tectonics, reconstruction of continental palaeogeographical regimes, and petrogenesis ofExpand
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Source contributions of PAHs and toxicity in reed wetland soils of Liaohe estuary using a CMB-TEQ method.
16 US EPA priority PAHs were analyzed in surface soils collected from reed wetland of Liaohe estuary. Total concentrations of the sixteen PAHs ranged from 235 ng g(-1) to 374 ng g(-1), while theExpand
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Fast microwave-assisted catalytic pyrolysis of sewage sludge for bio-oil production.
In this study, fast microwave-assisted catalytic pyrolysis of sewage sludge was investigated for bio-oil production, with HZSM-5 as the catalyst. Pyrolysis temperature and catalyst to feed ratio wereExpand
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U-Pb geochronology of the 2.0 Ga Itapecerica graphite-rich supracrustal succession in the São Francisco Craton: Tectonic matches with the North China Craton and paleogeographic inferences
Abstract LA-ICPMS U-Pb isotopic studies are conducted for key samples from the Itapecerica graphite-rich supracrustal succession and the crystalline basement in the southern Sao Francisco CratonExpand
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Control of thickness uniformity and grain size in graphene films for transparent conductive electrodes.
Large-scale and transferable graphene films grown on metal substrates by chemical vapor deposition (CVD) still hold great promise for future nanotechnology. To realize the promise, one of the keyExpand
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Flexible Tactile Sensor for Tissue Elasticity Measurements
This paper presents a novel tactile sensing technique for tissue elasticity measurements. A prototype flexible tactile sensor has been successfully fabricated using polydimethylsiloxane as theExpand
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Nature of 1800–1600 Ma mafic dyke swarms in the North China Craton: Implications for the rejuvenation of the sub-continental lithospheric mantle
Abstract Several late Paleoproterozoic (1800–1600 Ma) mafic dyke swarms in the North China Craton (NCC), including the ca. 1780 Ma Taihang, ca. 1730 Ma Miyun, ca. 1620 Ma Taishan, and a newlyExpand
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