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The Large-Scale Structure of the Universe
Opinions on the large-scale structure of the early universe range widely from primeval chaos to a well-ordered mass distribution. P.J.E. Peebles argues that the evolution proceeded from a nearlyExpand
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We present an estimate of the global budget of baryons in all states, with conservative estimates of the uncertainties, based on all relevant information we have been able to marshal. Most of theExpand
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A survey of galaxy redshifts. V. The two-point position and velocity correlations.
We describe the results of a study of the two-point correlations in the 14.5 m/sub B/ CfA redshift survey. We use the distance information provided by the redshifts to estimate the two-point spatialExpand
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The Cosmic Energy Inventory
We present an inventory of the cosmic mean densities of energy associated with all the known states of matter and radiation at the present epoch. The observational and theoretical bases for theExpand
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The Cosmological Constant and Dark Energy
Physics invites the idea that space contains energy whose gravitational effect approximates that of Einstein's cosmological constant, Lambda: nowadays the concept is termed dark energy orExpand
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Statistical analysis of catalogs of extragalactic objects. VII. Two- and three-point correlation functions for the high-resolution Shane-Wirtanen catalog of galaxies
We present estimates of the two- and three-point angular correlation functions for the high-resolution (10') Shane-Wirtanen catalog of galaxies. Special attention is given to statistical correctionsExpand
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