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Boundary conditions in rational conformal field theories
We develop further the theory of RationalConformalFieldTheories (RCFTs) on a cylinder with specified boundaryconditions emphasizing the role of a triplet of algebras: the Verlinde, graph fusion andExpand
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These lectures comprise an introductory course in statistical mechanics. The Gibbs formulation of the canonical ensemble is introduced and illustrated by application to simple models of magnets andExpand
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Central charges of the 6- and 19-vertex models with twisted boundary conditions
A new and general analytic method for calculating finite-size corrections and central charges is applied to the 6- and 19-vertex models and their related spin-1/2 and spin-1 XXZ chains with twistedExpand
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Heavy metal and metallothionein concentrations in Atlantic Canadian seabirds
Seabird tissues, collected during the 1988 breeding season from colonies on the Atlantic coast of Canada, were analyzed for toxic metals—Cd, Hg and Pb—and 18 other trace elements. MetallothioneinExpand
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Logarithmic minimal models
Working in the dense loop representation, we use the planar Temperley?Lieb algebra to build integrable lattice models called logarithmic minimal models . Specifically, we construct Yang?BaxterExpand
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Boundary Conditions in Rational Conformal Field Theories
We develop further the theory of Rational Conformal Field Theories (RCFTs) on a cylinder with specified boundary conditions emphasizing the role of a triplet of algebras: the Verlinde, graph fusionExpand
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Conformal weights of RSOS lattice models and their fusion hierarchies
The finite-size corrections, central charges c and conformal weights Δ of L-state restricted solid-on-solid lattice models and their fusion hierarchies are calculated analytically. This is achievedExpand
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Solvable critical dense polymers
A lattice model of critical dense polymers is solved exactly for finite strips. The model is the first member of the principal series of the recently introduced logarithmic minimal models. The key toExpand
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Interaction-round-a-face models with fixed boundary conditions: The ABF fusion hierarchy
We use boundary weights and reflection equations to obtain families of commuting double-row transfer matrices for interaction-round-a-face models with fixed boundary conditions. In particular, weExpand
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Fusion algebras of logarithmic minimal models
We present explicit conjectures for the chiral fusion algebras of the logarithmic minimal models LM(p, p � ) considering Virasoro representations with no enlarged or extended symmetry algebra. TheExpand
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