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Thermophysical properties of liquids in the metastable (superheated) state
In this book, the authors make a first attempt at a systematic qualitative description of superheated liquids, formulate the basic concepts of the physics of metastable states, and discuss variousExpand
The boundary of limiting superheats ofn-heptane, ethanol, benzene, and toluene in the region of negative pressures
The boiling of superheatedn-heptane, ethanol, benzene, and toluene is experimentally investigated in a negative-pressure wave with an amplitude of up to -15 MPa. The continuous transition is tracedExpand
Vapour-liquid critical temperatures and pressures of normal alkanes with from 19 to 36 carbon atoms, naphthalene and m-terphenyl determined by the pulse-heating technique
Abstract The paper presents the results of measuring the critical temperatures and the critical pressures of normal alkanes: nonadecane, eicosane, docosane, tetracosane, hexacosane, octacosane,Expand
Critical properties of long-chain substances from the hypothesis of functional self-similarity
Abstract A method for the construction of the functions fitting the critical properties of homologous series is presented. The method is based on the hypothesis of functional self-similarity and theExpand
Explosive cavitation in superheated liquid argon.
The kinetics of explosive boiling-up of liquid argon has been investigated at negative pressures created by the reflection of a compression pulse 3-5 mus long from the free surface of a liquid by theExpand
Method for the Synthesis of 2-(2-Furyl)acrylonitriles
A new method was developed for the production of 2-(2-furyl)acrylonitriles on the basis of the Schmidt reaction.
Synthesis and antimicrobial activity of some nitrofuran-containing imidazotriazoles
The chemotherapeutic properties of drugs belonging to the nitrofurun series offer an alternative to antibiotics [1]. The former preparations possess a broad spectrum of antibacterial activity andExpand
Cavitation strength of an argon―helium solution
Abstract The kinetics of explosive cavitation has been studied by experiment in helium–saturated liquid argon. Measurements have been made by the method of pulse heating of a solution on a thinExpand
Critical properties of hydrogen peroxide determined from direct measurements
Abstract The critical temperatures and the critical pressures of aqueous solutions with mass fractions of hydrogen peroxide from 0 to 0.9 have been measured using the pulse-heating method applicableExpand
Critical constants of n-alkanes with from 17 to 24 carbon atoms
Abstract The paper gives the results of measurements of critical temperatures and pressures of n -alkanes from heptadecane to tetracosane made by the pulse-heating method. The results are comparedExpand