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Therapeutic Drug Monitoring of Levetiracetam by High-Performance Liquid Chromatography With Photodiode Array Ultraviolet Detection: Preliminary Observations on Correlation Between Plasma
Levetiracetam is a new antiepileptic drug prescribed for the treatment of patients with refractory partial seizures with or without secondary generalization as well as for the treatment of juvenileExpand
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The new regulatory tools of the 2016 Health Law to fight drug shortages in France.
Drug shortages are becoming worrying for public health in the European Union. The French public authorities first took action against the causes of drug shortages in 2011 with a law, followed by aExpand
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Biosimilar Versus Patented Erythropoietins: Learning from 5 Years of European and Japanese Experience
BackgroundPatent expiries on leading biologics are creating new momentum in the market for biosimilars (copies of off-patent biologics), paving the way for their development. However, little is knownExpand
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Biosimilar Granulocyte Colony-Stimulating Factor Uptakes in the EU-5 Markets: A Descriptive Analysis
BackgroundBiosimilars are copies of biological reference medicines. Unlike generics (copies of chemical molecules), biologics are complex, expensive and complicated to produce. The knowledge of theExpand
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Melatonin in children with autistic spectrum disorders: recent and practical data
Over the last 20 years, melatonin, a pineal hormone synthesized from serotonin, has been implicated in various studies on the autism spectrum disorder (ASD) and altered melatonin levels were detectedExpand
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The "Temporary Recommendations for Use": A dual-purpose regulatory framework for off-label drug use in France.
In 2012, following the Mediator(®) (benfluorex) scandal, France displayed the ambitious goal to implement a regulatory framework for controlling off-label drug use: the "Temporary Recommendations forExpand
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Competition Between Biosimilars and Patented Biologics: Learning from European and Japanese Experience
BackgroundThe expiry of patents for costly biologics is creating new momentum on the pharmaceutical market for biosimilars (copies of off-patent biologics) and paving the way for their development.Expand
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Hospital Reimbursement Price Cap for Cancer Drugs
BackgroundIn 2005, the French Government implemented a new way of financing high-cost drugs for hospitals in order to promote innovation. Such drugs are gathered on a positive list, established byExpand
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Temporary Authorization for Use: Does the French Patient Access Programme for Unlicensed Medicines Impact Market Access After Formal Licensing?
BackgroundTo reach the French market, a new drug requires a marketing authorization (MA) and price and reimbursement agreements. These hurdles could delay access to new and promising drugs. SinceExpand
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