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American Society of Clinical Oncology recommendations on fertility preservation in cancer patients.
Fertility preservation is often possible in people undergoing treatment for cancer and should be considered as early as possible during treatment planning, to preserve the full range of options.
Infertility around the globe: new thinking on gender, reproductive technologies and global movements in the 21st century.
BACKGROUND Infertility is estimated to affect as many as 186 million people worldwide. Although male infertility contributes to more than half of all cases of global childlessness, infertility
An empirical estimate of carrier frequencies for 400+ causal Mendelian variants: results from an ethnically diverse clinical sample of 23,453 individuals
This study of a large, ethnically diverse clinical sample provides the most accurate measurements to date of carrier frequencies for hundreds of recessive alleles and provides support for a pan-ethnic screening paradigm that minimizes the use of “racial” categories by the physician, as recommended by recent guidelines.
Larger trinucleotide repeat size in the androgen receptor gene of infertile men with extremely severe oligozoospermia.
This study suggests that some men with severe impairment of spermatogenesis have longer trinucleotide repeats in the AR gene, and lower affinity between androgen and the AR protein or decreased AR protein availability with longer repeats could be responsible for a diminished androgen effect on sperMatogenesis.
The use of morphokinetic parameters to select all embryos with full capacity to implant
Morphokinetic parameters are helpful to make appropriate decisions for the disposition of each embryo, and it is recommended that each laboratory should determine its own ranges of in vitro development (IVD-MKP) and implantation-associated (IMP- MKP) morphokinetics parameters.
Limited survival of adult human testicular tissue as ectopic xenograft.
BACKGROUND Grafting of testicular tissue into immunodeficient mice has become an interesting and promising scientific tool for the generation of gametes and the study of testicular function. This