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Goat casein genotypes are associated with milk production traits in the Sarda breed.
The aim of the current work was to analyze, in the Sarda breed goat, genetic polymorphism within the casein genes and to assess their influence on milk traits. Genetic variants at the CSN1S1, CSN2,Expand
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Effect of polymorphisms at the casein gene cluster on milk renneting properties of the Sarda goat
Abstract This study investigated the influence of casein genes polymorphism on renneting properties of milk from Sarda goats. Milk yield and composition, and renneting properties (rennet coagulationExpand
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Variability of the caprine whey protein genes and their association with milk yield, composition and renneting properties in the Sarda breed. 1. The LALBA gene.
The 5' flanking region and 3' UTR of the caprine LALBA gene were analysed by SSCP and sequencing. A total of nine SNPs were detected: three in the promoter region, two were synonymous coding SNPs atExpand
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The sheep growth hormone gene polymorphism and its effects on milk traits.
Growth hormone (GH) is encoded by the GH gene, which may be single copy or duplicate in sheep. The two copies of the sheep GH gene (GH1/GH2-N and GH2-Z) were entirely sequenced in one 106 ewes ofExpand
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The effect of cold acidified milk replacer on productive performance of suckling kids reared in an extensive farming system
Abstract This study was conducted, in an extensive farm, to assess the effects of artificial feeding with an acidified milk replacer on productive performance of goat kids. Thirty-two Sarda kids,Expand
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An approach for the estimation of somatic cells’ effect in Sarda sheep milk based on the analysis of milk traits and coagulation properties
Abstract Milk traits and coagulation properties (MCP) were investigated in a population of 960 Sarda ewes distributed in 21 farms, in order to propose a limit of somatic cells (SCC) by using theExpand
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Environmental, morphological, and productive characterization of Sardinian goats and use of latent explanatory factors for population analysis.
Dairy goat farming is practiced worldwide, within a range of different farming systems. Here we investigated the effects of environmental factors and morphology on milk traits of the Sardinian goatExpand
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Effect of composition on coagulation, curd firming, and syneresis of goat milk.
The present study investigated the effect of different levels of fat, protein, and casein on (1) traditional milk coagulation properties, and (2) curd firming over time parameters of 1,272 goat milkExpand
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Modeling of coagulation, curd firming, and syneresis of goat milk from 6 breeds.
Traditional milk coagulation properties are used to predict the suitability of milk for cheese-making. In bovine and ovine species, the introduction of the concept of curd firming over time,Expand
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Association between the GHR, GHRHR, and IGF1 gene polymorphisms and milk yield and quality traits in Sarda sheep.
The growth hormone receptor (GHR), the growth hormone releasing hormone receptor (GHRHR), and the insulin-like growth factor 1 (IGF1) genes are known to modulate growth, reproduction, and lactationExpand
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