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Update on Tick-Borne Rickettsioses around the World: a Geographic Approach
SUMMARY Tick-borne rickettsioses are caused by obligate intracellular bacteria belonging to the spotted fever group of the genus Rickettsia. These zoonoses are among the oldest known vector-borneExpand
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Fleas and flea-borne diseases.
Flea-borne infections are emerging or re-emerging throughout the world, and their incidence is on the rise. Furthermore, their distribution and that of their vectors is shifting and expanding. ThisExpand
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Novel Chikungunya Virus Variant in Travelers Returning from Indian Ocean Islands
Aedes albopictus may cause epidemics when infected persons travel to areas where vectors are prevalent.
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Rickettsia slovaca and R. raoultii in Tick-borne Rickettsioses
Tick-borne lymphadenopathy (TIBOLA), also called Dermacentor-borne necrosis erythema and lymphadenopathy (DEBONEL), is defined as the association of a tick bite, an inoculation eschar on the scalp,Expand
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Detection of Ehrlichia spp., Anaplasma spp., Rickettsia spp., and Other Eubacteria in Ticks from the Thai-Myanmar Border and Vietnam
ABSTRACT A total of 650 ticks, including 13 species from five genera, were collected from animals, from people, or by flagging of the vegetation at sites on the Thai-Myanmar border and in Vietnam.Expand
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Rickettsia felis: from a rare disease in the USA to a common cause of fever in sub-Saharan Africa.
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  • 1 July 2011
Rickettsia felis is a spotted fever group rickettsia that has been definitely described in 2002. Within the last 20 years, there have been a growing number of reports implicating R. felis as a humanExpand
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Spotted fever rickettsioses in southern and eastern Europe.
Mediterranean spotted fever due to Rickettsia conorii conorii was thought, for many years, to be the only tick-borne rickettsial disease prevalent in southern and eastern Europe. However, in recentExpand
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Epidemiology of relapsing fever borreliosis in Europe.
Tick-borne relapsing fever is a bacterial infection caused by spirochetes of the genus Borrelia. This zoonotic disease is transmitted to humans through the bite of soft ticks of the genusExpand
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Emerging Rickettsioses of the Thai-Myanmar Border1
To investigate the presence of rickettsioses in rural residents of the central Thai-Myanmar border, we tested the blood of 46 patients with fever. Four patients had murine typhus, three patients hadExpand
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Identification of Rickettsia spp. and Bartonella spp. in Fleas from the Thai‐Myanmar Border
Abstract: During a survey for possible rickettsial vectors in villages of the central part of the Thai‐Myanmar border from September 2001 to February 2002, four species of fleas were collected fromExpand
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