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A meta-analysis of rates of return to agricultural R&D : ex pede Herculem?
IFPRI has long argued that spending on agricultural research constitutes a sound investment in poverty reduction and agricultural and economic growth, through improvements in productivity. ThisExpand
Agricultural Research: A Growing Global Divide?
"Sustained, well-targeted, and effectively used investments in R&D have reaped handsome rewards from improved agricultural productivity and cheaper, higher quality foods and fibers. As we begin a newExpand
Slow magic: agricultural R&D a century after Mendel.
Reproduced with permission from the International Food Policy Research Institute www.ifpri.org. Originally published as: Pardey, Philip; Beintema, Nienke M. 2001. Slow magic: agricultural R&D aExpand
Research returns redux: a meta-analysis of the returns to agricultural R&D
A total of 289 studies of returns to agricultural R&D were compiled and these provide 1821 estimates of rates of return. After removing statistical outliers and incomplete observations, across theExpand
Agricultural Research, Productivity, and Food Prices in the Long Run
A reinvestment in agricultural R&D is critical to ensuring sufficient food for the world in the coming decades, and long-run trends in global food commodity prices are driven by differential rates of growth in the supply and demand for food crops, feed, and livestock products. Expand
The Economic Returns to U.S. Public Agricultural Research
We use newly constructed state-specific data to explore the implications of common modeling choices for measures of research returns. Our results indicate that state-to-state spillover effects areExpand
International Productivity Patterns: Accounting for Input Quality, Infrastructure, and Research
In this paper, we present measures of land and labor productivity for a group of ninety-eight developed and developing countries using an entirely new data set with annual observations spanning theExpand
Dynamics in the creation and depreciation of knowledge, and the returns to research:
Econometric studies of the effects of research on productivity have typically imposed arbitrary restrictions on the length and shape of the R&D lag profile. These restrictions are likely to haveExpand
Research, productivity, and output growth in Chinese agriculture
Recent attempts to quantify the sources of growth in Chinese agriculture have attributed an exceptionally large share of this growth to the contemporary institutional and market reforms within China.Expand