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A review: advances in microbial remediation of trichloroethylene (TCE).
Research works in the recent past have revealed three major biodegradation processes leading to the degradation of trichloroethylene. Reductive dechlorination is an anaerobic process in whichExpand
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Interaction of Soil and Mercury as a Function of Soil Organic Carbon: Some Field Evidence
  • P. Pant, M. Allen
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  • Bulletin of environmental contamination and…
  • 7 July 2007
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Surface changes in solar irradiance due to aerosols over central Himalayas
During a comprehensive aerosol field campaign as a part of the ISRO-GBP, extensive measurements of radiative fluxes at the surface were made during December 2004 at Manora Peak, in the ShivalikExpand
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The effects of 0.001, 0.01, and 0.02 M sodium fluoride (NaF) were studied on the growth of seedlings of wheat (Triticum aestivum), Bengal gram (Cicer arietinum L.), mustard (Brassica juncea), andExpand
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South Asian dust episode in June 2006: Aerosol observations in the central Himalayas
[1] A dust storm blew through the Thar Desert on 12 June 2006, which has significantly influenced aerosol physical and optical properties over the central Himalayas (Nainital, 29.4°N; 79.5°E, 1958 mExpand
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Mercury contamination in the riparian zones along the East Fork Poplar Creek at Oak Ridge.
Oak Ridge (Tennessee, USA) has a history of mercury (Hg) contamination in its aquatic and soil environment associated with past nuclear-weapons production activities at its Department of Energy (DOE)Expand
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Mercury Uptake and Translocation in Impatiens walleriana Plants Grown in the Contaminated Soil from Oak Ridge
Mercury (Hg) contaminated soils from Oak Ridge, Tennessee were investigated for phytoavailability of mercury as measured by degree of Hg translocation in aboveground biomass of Impatiens wallerianaExpand
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The role of organic carbon in facilitating mercury sorption and retention in the soil: Some field evidence from Oak Ridge, Tennessee- 10391
Potential binding ability of mercury (Hg) to soil is an important aspect in selecting bioremediation technologies. Two studies were carried out to evaluate affinity of Hg to soil organic carbon. TheExpand
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Influence of Physical Factors on Trichloroethylene Evaporation from Surface Water
Evaporation of trichloroethylene (TCE) is a viable option in the remediation of TCE contaminated water. In this study, laboratory batch experiments were conducted to understand the evaporationExpand
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Consideration in Designing a Sediment-Packed Column for Phosphate and Polyphosphate Transport Study under Saturated Flow Conditions Relevant to the DOE-Hanford Site-10489
Uranium occurs in high concentrations in groundwater at several contaminated sites in the United States. Due to the potential threat of uranium radionuclides on human health, different techniquesExpand