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Recovery from impaired dark adaptation in nightblind pregnant Nepali women who receive small daily doses of vitamin A as amaranth leaves, carrots, goat liver, vitamin A-fortified rice, or retinyl
Improvement in dark adaptation did not differ significantly between women who received vitamin A as liver, amaranth leaves, carrots, or retinyl palmitate, and in a comparison group of nonnightblind pregnant women. Expand
Genotypic, Phenotypic and Clinical Validation of GeneXpert in Extra-Pulmonary and Pulmonary Tuberculosis in India
Questions regarding sensitivity, specificity, detection of infrequent mutations and mutations responsible for low-level Rif resistance by GeneXpert are put to rest and the assay offers major boost to early diagnosis of TB and MDR-TB, in difficult to diagnose pauci-bacillary TB. Expand
Supplementation with iron and riboflavin enhances dark adaptation response to vitamin A-fortified rice in iron-deficient, pregnant, nightblind Nepali women.
Iron deficiency may limit the efficacy of vitamin A to normalize dark adaptation in pregnant Nepali women, and further studies are needed to assess the effect of simultaneous delivery of iron and vitamin A for the treatment of nightblindness. Expand
Carbapenems and Rifampin Exhibit Synergy against Mycobacterium tuberculosis and Mycobacterium abscessus
The combination of faropenem and rifampin and (carba)penems were effective not only against drug-sensitive Mycobacterium tuberculosis but alsoagainst drug-resistant clinical isolates that are otherwise resistant to rifampsin. Expand
Risk factors associated with anemia, iron deficiency and iron deficiency anemia in rural Nepali pregnant women.
Results indicate the risk factors varied by classification and multiple approaches are needed to reduce anemia and associated nutrient deficiencies, and Intake of iron supplements as tablets and/or tonic was protective against severe anemia, anemia without iron deficiency and IDA. Expand
Risk Stratification as a Tool to Rationalize Quarantine of Health Care Workers Exposed to COVID-19 Cases: Evidence From a Tertiary Health Care Center in India
An algorithm for exposure-based risk stratification and quarantine of HCWs exposed to COVID-19-confirmed cases prevented 3215 HCWs from being quarantined and thus saved 45 010 person-days of health workforce in the institution. Expand
Mycobacterium abscessus as a Cause of Chronic Meningitis: A Rare Clinical Entity.
A case of chronic meningitis caused by M. abscessus is described and reviewed and features of raised intracranial tension with hydrocephalus are shown. Expand
Granulomatous hepatitis by Nocardia species: An unusual case.
A case of granulomatous hepatitis due to Nocardia is reported here. The case patient was a 63-year-old immunocompetent man who presented with persistent fever, weight loss, and malaise. RadiologyExpand
De Novo Histoid Leprosy
A case who presented for the first time with histoid features with no history of taking dapsone/antileprosy treatment earlier in an elderly male with small to large lesions over normal skin in the post-leprosy elimination era is reported. Expand
Insights in tuberculosis immunology: Role of NKT and T regulatory cells
A comprehensive understanding of role of CD3dim/CD56+ NKT in antimycobacterial immunity may enable new possibilities for NK cell-based prophylactic and/or therapeutic strategies against TB. Expand