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Spicing up Britain: The Multicultural History of British Food
Among the cuisines of Europe, Britain's has traditionally been regarded as the black sheep kippers, jellied eels and blood pudding rarely elicit the same fond feelings as chocolate mousse or pastaExpand
The Evolution of Multiculturalism in Britain and Germany: An Historical Survey
This paper is an introductory survey of the evolution of multiculturalism in Britain and Germany over the past two centuries. The historical approach argues that the main determinants of differenceExpand
Racisms: From the Crusades to the Twentieth Century
Four years ago I published a review in this journal of a book on The Origins of Racism in the West.(1) I would like to begin the analysis of the volume by Bethencourt in the same way in which I beganExpand
Immigration, Ethnicity, and Racism in Britain, 1815-1945
Pre-19th century communities immigration into Britain, 1815-1945 - economic push factors, political push factors, enabling factors, economic pull factors, political pull factors the structure ofExpand
An Immigration History of Britain: Multicultural Racism since 1800
Preface. List of illustrations. 1. A Country of Immigration? 2. Migration to Britain 3. Three Paths to Integration? Geography, Demography and Economics 4. Ethnicity, Identity and Britishness 5.Expand
The enemy in our midst : Germans in Britain during the First World War
Victorian and Edwardian background measures against alien enemies internment and repatriation the experience of internment measures against German business interests anti-German sentiment: spy-fever,Expand