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Between truth and hope: on Parkinson’s disease, neurotransplantation and the production of the ‘self’
In this article, we argue that contemporary biomedicine is shaped by two, seemingly incommensurable, organizational logics, the ‘regime of truth’ and the ‘regime of hope’. We articulate theirExpand
Give me a Laboratory, and I will raise the … Laboratory
Jean-Paul Gaudilliere's Inventer la biomedicine provides a welcome and timely synthesis of his extensive and very detailed investigations into the history of that strange creature that is “biomedical sciences”, wherein the “laboratory” figures as a pivotal institution in the articulation of a new biopolitical order. Expand
Entomology, Ecology and Agriculture: The Making of Science Careers in North America, 1885-1985
Entomology in the United States entomology in Canada biological control in the United States and canada biological control, integrated control, and ecological theory environmental and entomologicalExpand
Between Knowledge and Practice
In this paper, I examine the historical development of a clinical test for `familial adenomatous polyposis' (FAP), an inherited condition which often leads to cancer of the colon. By paying attentionExpand
On the organisation of agricultural research in the United Kingdom, 1945–1994: A quantitative description and appraisal of recent reforms
Abstract In this paper we review recent, radical changes in the structure and funding of agricultural and food research in the United Kingdom. We assemble data on the contributions of both public andExpand
Defining ecology: Ecological theories, mathematical models, and applied biology in the 1960s and 1970s
ConclusionEver since the early decades of this century, there have emerged a number of competing schools of ecology that have attempted to weave the concepts underlying natural resource managementExpand
Ageing between Gerontology and Biomedicine
Over the past two decades, public interest in the basic biological processes underlying the phenomenon of ageing has grown considerably. New developments in biotechnology and health maintenanceExpand