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Effectiveness of Hoffman's Exercise on Successful Breast Feeding among Primipara Mothers with Flat and Retracted Nipples
Inverted and flat nipples are commonly present in primipara mothers and are commonly encountered in clinical practice especially in relation to lactation problems in postnatal.
Premenstrual Symptoms And Academic Performance Among Adolescent Girls
There was significant correlation between premenstrual symptoms and academic performance and the academic demand component of academic stress measured daily frequency and distress associated with assignments, papers, projects/presentation and time studying.
Prevalence of Metabolic Syndrome
The increased percentage of subjects with metabolic syndrome suggests that there is a need of awareness programs and lifestyle intervention for the prevention and control of metabolic syndrome.
Effect of acupressure vs reflexology on pre-menstrual syndrome among adolescent girls--a pilot study.
  • P. Padmavathi
  • Psychology, Medicine
    The Nursing journal of India
  • 2014
It was shown that the reflexology was more effective than acupressure in enhancing the practice of the sample regarding pre-menstrual syndrome, implying the need for educating adolescent girls on effective management of pre- Menstrual Syndrome.
The Cytology of a New Species of Spirostomum
A study has been made of the cytology of an undescribed species of Spirostomum, much smaller than S. ambiguum, and the nuclear apparatus reveals some striking differences.
Conjugation in Spirostomum
There was no appearance of true epidemic of conjugation in Spirostomum, as in Paramecium and other ciliates, affecting considerable numbers of animals in a population.
Effectiveness of Bates Therapy on Visual Problems Among Elderly People
The eye is the window of the human body through which it feels its way and enjoys the beauty of the world, but as age rises elderly people develop visual problems by showing the symptoms like blurred
“Fission zone” inSpirostomum ambiguum
Regenerationsexperimente haben gezeigt, dass beiSpirostomum ambiguum die Lage der Einschnürungsstelle schon vor der Teilung festgelegt wird. Die Determination der Furche erfolgt zur Zeit der