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Rapid conversions and avoided deforestation: examining four decades of industrial plantation expansion in Borneo
New plantations can either cause deforestation by replacing natural forests or avoid this by using previously cleared areas. The extent of these two situations is contested in tropical biodiversityExpand
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Agrarian Reform in the Brazilian Amazon: Its Implications for Land Distribution and Deforestation
Summary This paper examines the interactions between state-led land reform, agrarian structures, and deforestation in the Brazilian Amazon. Land reform tends to promote land redistribution throughExpand
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Reconciling Forest Conservation and Logging in Indonesian Borneo
Combining protected areas with natural forest timber concessions may sustain larger forest landscapes than is possible via protected areas alone. However, the role of timber concessions inExpand
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Actor-specific contributions to the deforestation slowdown in the Brazilian Amazon
Significance The Brazilian Amazon is at a critical juncture after the recent stabilization of deforestation rates. Identifying opportunities for continued deforestation reductions requires anExpand
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Rights to Land, Forests and Carbon in REDD+: Insights from Mexico, Brazil and Costa Rica
Land tenure and carbon rights constitute critical issues to take into account in achieving emission reductions, ensuring transparent benefit sharing and determining non-permanence (or non-compliance)Expand
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Tenure rights and beyond : community access to forest resources in Latin America
This occasional paper is the result of research carried out from 2006 to 2008 on the effects of new tenure rights for forest-based communities in Latin America on access to forest resources andExpand
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The role of informal institutions in the use of forest resources in Latin America
This study adopts an institutional approach to analyze the way in which informal rules, in their interaction with formal rules, shape the use of forest resources by diverse types of smallholders andExpand
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Lowering environmental costs of oil‐palm expansion in Colombia
Abstract Colombia is the fifth largest producer of palm oil in the world. The coun-try’s government and oil-palm farmers association target a sixfold increase ofcrude palm-oil production by 2020. WeExpand
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Agricultural expansion and deforestation in lowland Bolivia: the import substitution versus the structural adjustment model
Abstract This paper analyzes the influence that both policies and markets have on driving forest conversion to agricultural land use focusing on the Bolivian case. It assesses the effects that twoExpand
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The role of supply-chain initiatives in reducing deforestation
A major reduction in global deforestation is needed to mitigate climate change and biodiversity loss. Recent private sector commitments aim to eliminate deforestation from a company’s operations orExpand
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