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International Tables for X-Ray Crystallography
International Tables for X-Ray Crystallography(Published for the International Union of Crystallography.) Vol. 1: Symmetry Groups. Edited by Norman F. M. Henry and Kathleen Lonsdale. Pp. xi + 558.Expand
Introduction to the dynamical theory of X-ray diffraction
The general features, terminology, and method of the dynamical theory of X-ray diffraction are discussed, stressing the analogy with the general theory of small oscillations of a mechanical system.
X-ray diffraction by finite and imperfect crystal lattices
The Fourier transform of a crystal is a representation which, if fully known, would be equivalent to, and give the same information as, the usual description of a crystal. At the same time theExpand
A review of my papers on crystal optics 1912 to 1968
The theory of the diffraction of X-rays by crystals was developed by Ewald as part of a unified study of the interaction of light of all wavelengths with crystals, beginning with the work for hisExpand
Crystal Optics for Visible Light and X Rays
This summary of much of the author's work stresses the unity of approach to the understanding of the optical properties of a crystalline medium for visible light as well as for x rays. The scatteringExpand
Theory of X-Ray Diffraction
THE numerous books on the diffraction of X-rays by crystals all treat the subject with the view of introducing the reader to the methods for determining crystal structures. It is true that someExpand
The so-called correction of Bragg's law
The traditional 'correction of Bragg's law' is discussed for any value of the refractive index of the diffracting medium. The finite angular range of reflection, as given by the dynamical theory ofExpand
Symmetry of Fourier space
The Principles of X-ray Diffraction
Consider a set of N+1 equidistant atomic planes of spacing d, and a monochromatic plane X-wave falling on it at a glancing angle θ (Fig. 6-1(1)). It is assumed that each atomic plane reflects a veryExpand