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Consulta ginecológica – motivações e conhecimento da mulher sobre a prevenção do câncer do colo do útero
Objetivamos identificar a distribuicao da periodicidade e os motivos da mulher para a realizacao da consulta ginecologica e o nivel de conhecimento da mulher sobre as medidas de prevencao do câncerExpand
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Efficacy of the Mentha crispa in the treatment of women with Trichomonas vaginalis infection
PurposeThe aim of this study was to evaluate the efficacy of Mentha crispa in the treatment of women with Trichomonas vaginalis infection (TVI).MethodsThis was a randomized, double-blind, andExpand
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This study was to identify the importance of group activities in the rehabilitation of mastectomized women. We interviewed 10 women of the GEPAM group (Group supportive of mastectomized women) fromExpand
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Effect of Music Therapy on the Developing Central Nervous System of Rats
This research was conducted to investigate the influence of music therapy on the behavior of rats at different stages of development. The procedures were performed when animals were approximately 1Expand
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Comportamiento de la mujer mastectomizada frente a las actividades de grupo
Objetivamos descrever as reacoes da mulher frente a mastectomia e sentimentos emergidos da interacao grupal. Foram entrevistadas 10 mulheres integrantes do grupo GEPAM (Grupo de Ensino, Pesquisa,Expand
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A interação no grupo de auto-ajuda: suporte na reabilitação de mulheres mastectomizadas
Estudo descritivo e exploratorio que objetivou criar condicoes favoraveis de interacao entre as mulheres, estimulando reflexoes sobre eventos da vida, com destaque as repercussoes psicossociais daExpand
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Phytotherapy and medicinal plants: The perception of nurses in Family Health Units (FHU)
Medicinal plants and phytotherapy are forms of alternative therapy, so it is necessary that health professionals are trained to use them in primary health care. This research had the aim to draw theExpand
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Social and demographic profile and reproductive behavior of pregnant teenagers accompanied on the basic health care unit
The present work was developed in two Family Health Units (USF) of Sinop, Mato Grosso. The objective was to identify the epidemiological profile and reproductive behavior of adolescent pregnant womenExpand
Factors associated with the higher prevalence of common mental disorders: integrative review
The term Common Mental Disorders (CMD) was created by Goldberg and Huxley to encompass a population with depressive and anxious symptoms, such as insomnia, fatigue, irritability, forgetfulness,Expand
Gynecological consultation – motivation and knowledge about the woman concerning the prevention of uterus lap cancer
We aimed at identifying the distribution of periodicity and the reasons for the woman to attend a gynecological consultation and the level of the woman’s understanding concerning the measures forExpand