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The effects of altitude on the chemical composition of black tea.
Changes in quality parameters of crush, tear and curl (CTC) black clonal teas due to variations in altitude within a radius of 10 km were determined. There were significant (P = 0.05) changes in allExpand
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Changes in quality parameters of commercial black seedling tea due to the time of the year in the Eastern Highlands of Kenya
Abstract Significant (P ≤ 0.05) changes in yields, rainfall and chemical quality parameters (except thearubigins) of black seedling tea with the time of the year were recorded in the Eastern KenyaExpand
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Effects of Nitrogenous Fertilizers on the Chemical Composition of CTC Black Tea
High rates of nitrogenous fertilizers increased the caffeine content, as well as those compounds imparting inferior and superior flavor contents. However, the flavor index, the ratio of compoundsExpand
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Flavour volatiles of Assam CTC black teas manufactured from different plucking standards and orthodox teas manufactured from different altitudes of Darjeeling
Biochemical correlations between volatile flavour constituents (VFC) of CTC bluck teas manufactured from fine and coarse plucking of Assam tea and orthodox teas fiom three different altitudes wereExpand
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Changes in theaflavin composition and astringency during black tea fermentation
Abstract Both theaflavins and sensory evaluations vary in a quadratic manner with fermentation duration in the process of black tea manufacture. The rate of formation of total (Flavognost)Expand
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Effect of anthropogenic activities on the water quality of Amala and Nyangores tributaries of River Mara in Kenya
Mau Forest in the upper reaches of the Mara River basin has recently undergone increased forest destruction followed by human settlement and agricultural activities. These anthropogenic activitiesExpand
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Caffeine contents of clonal tea ; seasonal variations and effects of plucking standards under Kenyan conditions
Abstract Clones of tea have different contents of caffeine: The tender younger leaves of tea bushes contain higher caffeine contents than older leaves. Leaf stalks accumulate low levels of caffeine.Expand
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Spatial distribution and habitat characterization of mosquito species during the dry season along the Mara River and its tributaries, in Kenya and Tanzania
BackgroundVector-borne diseases are increasingly becoming a major health problem among communities living along the major rivers of Africa. Although larger water bodies such as lakes and dams haveExpand
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New ceramide from the aerial part of Tinospora oblongifolia with cytotoxic activities
A new ceramide, 2,3-dihydroxy-N-[(2S,3S,4R)-1,3,4-trihydroxyicosan-2-yl[tetracosanamide (1) along with four known compounds: 2-(4′-hydroxyphenyl)-ethyl lignocerate (2),Expand
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