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The use of video technology for providing feedback to students: Can it enhance the feedback experience for staff and students?
Data from staff and students at the University of Reading are used to confirm the main issues encountered with feedback, namely problems of time efficiency for staff, lack of engagement by students with feedback and issues with the timeliness and quality of feedback received.
Students’ Attitudes to and Usage of Academic Feedback Provided Via Audio Files
Abstract This study explores students’ attitudes to the provision of formative feedback on academic work using audio files together with the ways in which students implement such feedback within
The Importance of Marking Criteria in the Use of Peer Assessment
Abstract This paper reports a study which implemented and evaluated a method of peer assessment, as a formative and summative assessment procedure. Pairs of first‐year undergraduate biology students
Biology students’ utilization of tutors’ formative feedback: a qualitative interview study
Ramaprasad (1983) defined feedback as information about the gap between actual performance level and the reference level, which is subsequently used to alter that gap. Feedback, therefore, needs to
Feedback alignment: effective and ineffective links between tutors’ and students’ understanding of coursework feedback
Tutors’ intentions when providing feedback may not be accurately perceived and acted on by students. In this study, 19 biological sciences students and six tutors were interviewed concerning the
Reflecting on reflective practices within peer observation
Peer Observation of Teaching is one process employed within higher education establishments in Britain that can be instrumental in developing the reflective practices of professional lecturers. It is
Evaluating our peers: is peer observation a meaningful process?
Peer observation of teaching can be seen as a means by which the quality of the teaching and learning process in higher education establishments is both accounted for and improved. The majority of
The Use of Student Derived Marking Criteria in Peer and Self-assessment
This paper reports a study which implemented and evaluated a method of student self and peer assessment involving student constructed marking criteria. The theme of the importance of marking criteria
A Study in Self‐assessment: tutor and students’ perceptions of performance criteria
ABSTRACT This paper reports a study which implemented and evaluated a method of student self‐assessment. The theme of the importance of marking criteria (Orsmond et al., 1996) is developed. Pairs of
The importance of self-assessment in students’ use of tutors’ feedback: a qualitative study of high and non-high achieving biology undergraduates
Little is known as to how students process tutor feedback. In this study, 36 final-year biological sciences undergraduate students from four higher education institutions took part in interviews or