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Improving the effectiveness of peer feedback for learning
Writing assignments of 43 students of Grade 7 in secondary education showed that receiving ‘justified’ comments in feedback improves performance, but this effect diminishes for students with better pretest performance. Expand
The additive and interactive effects of parenting and children's personality on externalizing behaviour
Parenting practices have been previously linked to childhood externalizing behaviour. However, little attention has been given to the potential effect of individual personality differences amongExpand
The relationship between the shape of the mental number line and familiarity with numbers in 5- to 9-year old children: evidence for a segmented linear model.
This experiment tested the hypothesis that children's familiarity with numbers is directly reflected by the shape of their mental number line, and a segmented regression model consisting of two linear segments described number line estimations significantly better than a logarithmic or a simple linear model. Expand
Comparison of Mothers', Fathers', and Teachers' Reports on Problem Behavior in 5- to 6-Year-Old Children
Evidence exists that there is low agreement between multiple informants reporting on children's and adolescents' behavior problems. Few studies, however, focus on agreement between informants inExpand
Hierarchical linear models for the quantitative integration of effect sizes in single-case research
The calculation of effect size measures in single-case research and the use of hierarchical linear models for combining these measures are discussed and a multivariate meta-analysis is proposed on the standardized ordinary least squares regression coefficients from the study-specific regression equations describing the response variable. Expand
A multilevel meta-analysis of single-subject experimental design studies
A multilevel approach is proposed to synthesize the results of single-subject experimental research by combining either raw data or effect-size measures. A multilevel meta-analysis of single-subjectExpand
Parent and child personality characteristics as predictors of negative discipline and externalizing problem behaviour in children
Negative discipline has been linked to childhood externalizing behaviour. However, relatively little attention has been given to the potential effect of individual personality characteristics ofExpand
Mixed methods research synthesis: definition, framework, and potential
Literature on the combination of qualitative and quantitative research components at the primary empirical study level has recently accumulated exponentially. However, this combination is only rarelyExpand
A comparative study of peer and teacher feedback and of various peer feedback forms in a secondary school writing curriculum
This study examines whether peer feedback can be a substitute for teacher feedback and which measures can be taken to improve its effectiveness. A pre‐test post‐test control group design examined theExpand